Schedule Overview

  Hearthside Altos 3101 Appreciation Hall
 9:15 Linda Ullah
Virtual Learning Connections
 Jeff Schmidt
Go Green! (Green Screen, That Is)
(time changed)
 Catlin Tucker
Achieve Successful Discussions Online and in the Classroom with a Free Learning Platform

 Diane Main
Ready, Set, Click! Instant Assessment with Clickers
 10:15 Jim Friedman
Talkin' Ain't Teachin'; Listenin' Ain't Learnin'

 Laura Veuve
Geometric Constructions: Moving Away From Paper So We  Can Move Deeper into Math.
The Urban School's Construction Unit
 Amanda Westman
 Tom Sayer
Creating a TV Station at Your School

 11:15 Meg Omainsky
TEDx is Easier Than You Think -- Launch Yours Today!
 Camille Johnson
Sqworl Your Links
 Dale Poor
The Paperless Classroom
 Tom Sayer/Laura Veuve
Funding Your Tech Dreams

 1:00 Meg Omainsky
Make Every Day a PD Day: Free Tools for Staying Connected
 Corinne Takara
Weaving It All Together: Digital Textiles & Kids

 Dale Poor
Adobe Youth Voices: A Project and Its Audiences

 Lisa Highfill
Reading and Writing Workshop for 21st Century Learners
 2:00 Diane Main
You've Got the Whole World: Google Maps

Jeff Schmidt:
Edmodo (It's Like Facebook for Class)

(NEW -- time changed)
 Lisa Highfill
California Student Media Festival

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