On July 1st, I became the Director of Instructional Innovation, Resources, and Media at a private, all-girls high school in Oakland, California.  I provide leadership in faculty and staff development by designing, implementing, and assessing a comprehensive program to assist faculty and staff in the adoption of 21st century teaching and learning best practices. I have also developed and will teach two sections of a semester-long social justice-themed information literacy and interdisciplinary research project course.  I plan on implementing the Google 20% Time into these courses.

Previously, I served as the Director of Technology at a K-8 private school.  As the Director of Technology, I taught technology-integrated classes to all students enrolled at the school.  I also worked with the faculty and staff, assisting them with infusing instructional and educational technology in their lessons.  I was also the network and systems administrator in charge of hardware, software, applications, and devices at the school.  I created and moderated the middle school STEM Club, designing our weekly meetings to be like Mythbusters episodes.