Grade Level: 9th
Subject Area: English (Literature and Writing 1)
Time Requirement: 5-6 weeks
Project Justification (all links have been underlined)

While reading Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare, students will engage in an in-depth investigation of how familial and personal relationships affect the larger community and how literature can deepen our understanding of the human condition.  This will be accomplished as they track elements of a character and a concept through the play and make a Figurative Language Handbook relating to both the text and life experiences.  As a way to prepare for an essay and synthesize information, students will make an Animoto video that incorporates the elements of a character, a major theme, and an aspect of figurative language.  

Essential Question:
  • What can we learn from how we deal with the ambiguity that comes from conflicting loyalties to family, friends, lovers, and self?
Sub Questions:
  • Who is most responsible for the deaths of Romeo and Juliet?
  • How does figurative language reinforce theme in Romeo and Juliet?
  • How does the belief in (or rejection of) fate affect the characters?
  • What are the purpose, role, and power of dreams in the lives of at least two of the characters?
  • What can we learn from the different types of love that are presented in Romeo and Juliet?
Tech Requirements:
  • Computer Lab with Internet access
  • Digital Projector
  • Student email accounts to access Googledocs and Googlesites for collaborative work
  • Animoto (teacher and student accounts)
Links for Final Products: