A Basic, Mainstream and Plus Square Dance Club
Located in Ottawa (Westboro area).

Welcome to the Meri Squares Archive
 (and miscellaneous other stuff) website.

Join us for squares, not rounds.

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Here is the link to 515 square dance pictures on FLICKR:

The pictures include our Callers-Wendy and John, plus a lot of Meri Squares dancers.

It's called: 'Ottawa Valley Square Dancing' on Flickr.


Our Anniversary Dances

These are the links to our 40th and 45th Anniversary dances:


What's going on here?


This is a picture of a Christmas Dinner Dance from our 'vaults'.
See more pictures in the 'Photo Gallery'


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    We dance at:                                                    
Westminster Presbyterian Church Hall
470 Roosevelt Avenue (Westboro), Ottawa
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