Micro Energy Research Implemetation Society


 Apart from the basic needs of a human being like food, clothes and a house, today energy also has become most needed necessity in life 

From the day the man discovered energy resources below the earth, he started to explore it for more and more benefits; this energy is called fossil fuel that is known as Petrol, Diesel, LPG, Coal and Natural gas. Fossil fuel has fulfilled man’s energy need since last hundred years; however due limitation and shortages, the prices are gradually increasing. It has also polluted the environment to such an extent, that it has caused global warming, that is affecting everyone. Solution to this problem is renewable energy.

Now the time has come for the people to utilize the renewal energy once again in their daily life, to grow and fulfill their basic needs and be less dependent on fossil fuels thus saving mother EARTH from global warming.

 Considering these facts, Micro Energy Research & Implementation Society was formed and founded by like-minded people from different professions and fields.  This Organisation was registered in year 2006 and in short it is called MERI SOCIETY