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Eliphas Meir Quick and Dirty sheet

Name: Eliphas Meir
Age: 22
Race: Elannite
Class: Summoner
Level: 1
XP: 1500 / 1500
AP: 50
Gil: 260

MAG:17 (18)

HP: 248 (298)
MP: 139
LP: 90/100
Ceremony Charges:

Current HP: 107/298
Current MP:  31/139

ARM        0     Fire         Neutral
MARM       0     Ice          Neutral
EVA        2     Lightning    Neutral
MEVA       0     Water        Neutral
Critical   0     Holy         Neutral
Base       0     Shadow       Neutral

Name             Cost   Time       CoS     Effect
Attack           --     29D F15    80%     1*5(5)+d6 (6-11) damage
Defend           --     31D F20    100%    +50% Defense Factor until next turn.
Item             --     36D F20    100%    Uses an item.

Summons          Cost   Time       COS   HP       Effect
Summon Ifrit     41     32D F15    100%  200/200  12*18(216)+d12 (217-228) damage. Ignores Shell, 75% CoS to cancel Shell

            Cost     Total
Starting             200 AP
Ifrit        130      70 AP

Present               70 AP


Weapon: Sceptre of Tarhenim
This sceptre, and others like it, were the symbols of the Priest-advisors of the King of Elanna in ancient times. Unlike many other
relics of the Elannites, the means of producing Tarhenic Sceptres is still remembered by some Elannite craftsmen. Long and thin like
a cane, the Sceptre is nevertheless designed to produce a bolt of energy from its tip. In Eliphas's case, his is an heirloom of the Meir family.
Tier  Class  Delay  Floor  Damage           Shielding Benefit
1     Light     33     15  (1*5)+1d6 (6-11) Evasion II
Slots: Shielding, Ranged

Armor: Ward of Anorim
A light cuirass designed to fit snugly under a person's clothes, the Wards of Anorim were a protective product designed by the Anorim Elannites.
The methods and skill requires to build these devices remain today, where they have been updated with modern technology. Eliphas's model protects him from
most dangers and keeps him focused and calm in battle. It is of a relatively modern make, having been made for his maternal grandfather.
Tier  Class  Bonus       Style Bonus
1     Light  +50 HP      +1 Mag   

Changeable: Dependability- Scholastic
Eliphas is a well-learned, educated individual with a strong academic background, considering his family and their roots. He can usually resolve problems
that require learning or education reliably, given enough time...
Once per session per rank when you fail a Scholastic skill check, you can perform the skill check once more.

Aptitude- Mental II
Eliphas is blessed with a natural talent for social and intellectual pursuits. People often find him both charming, intelligent and capable of handling a situation.
Having first assisted his father as President of the Elannite Council for Progress and Recognition, then finding himself in the same position has sharpened these abilities.
Although possibly unrelated, the Meir family claims descent from Tar-Paraziel, the last historically recorded King of Elanna. Considering the hereditary powers of this bloodline,
perhaps that, too, has had an effect...
+10 to Charm, Grace, Intimidation, Command and Determination

Exemplar- Mental
Eliphas considers himself as much as a teacher as he is a community leader. This is hardly a coincidence, given the Elannite tradition of scholarship and philosophy. Hence,
Eliphas takes the time to ensure that his successes inspire similar feats in his allies; after all, such a ripple effect can change the world!
When you pass a skill check in that field, others receive a +40 bonus to the CoS to perform that same skill check or a closely related one, as long as they've witnessed you
do it or you've offered some advice upon doing it in advance.

Limit Break: Asiel
Permanent Limit Charge: Slayer
Changeable Limit Charge: Victor

Stat Growth
Base:  1/6/4/10/9
Class: 1/6/4/16/13

XP History
+1300, intros/session 1
+200, Asiel

AP History
+200, creation
-130, Ifrit, creation
+54, intros/session 1
-100, Mag +1
+26, Asiel

Gil History
+260, Intros/session 1