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NPCs: Hazami Zaibatsu

"Papillon Reel"

A Riskbreaker for Hazami Zaibatsu who takes her dedication to work much more seriously than most, Papillon Reel is an extremely disciplined and harsh young woman with silver hair who enjoys elegance and opulence, preferring high fashion and style in everything she does.  She is in charge of the Subterra dig at the Brightmoon Forest, and does not suffer fools lightly.

She wields a self-crafted Techer weapon, the Gunblade, capable of discharging explosive rounds with a pull of a trigger engineered into the weapon hilt and has shown acts of Shaping in the past.  This is revealed to be through the use of a Tech suit called the "GF", which greatly enhances her to enable her to battle other empowered creatures.

"Cherry Ronde"

An extremely enthusiastic and doting member of the Riskbreakers, Cherry Ronde is nothing short of infatuated and clingy to her current 'superior', Papillon Reel.  She is an extremely agile and lethal menace to those around her, showing a remarkable clumsiness and chipper carefree attitude that does not mesh well with the more serious, level-headed Papillon.  Rather undisciplined, she often slacks from her duties, though somehow comes through in the end.

Regienne Hazami

The Vice President of Hazami Zaibatsu, Regienne is a tall woman with purple hair who can often be found in dragon-fashioned armor, or haute couture aristocratic wear.  She carries with her a confident, assertive demeanor, coupled with a piercing stare.