Statement of Purpose

Manchester Essex values reading as more than a pleasant activity of a bygone era.  Reading is the cornerstone to all academic inquiry and success.   
Whether it takes place in a science, English, or social studies class, reading is essential to the learning process; therefore,  we as a community have a vested interest in inspiring the love of reading in all students.   
The Summer Reading Program attempts to advance students’ academic proficiency while piquing their individual interests by giving them a wide range of books from which to choose. The program allows students to see that their faculty and administrators are lifelong learners who do not stop educating themselves during summer vacation.  It demonstrates that no one should put his or her education on hold for ten weeks simply because of the date on the calendar. 
By giving students the opportunity to choose a book to discuss with administrators, teachers, and fellow students who share similar interests, the program allows us to recognize how many hidden interests we actually have in common. Most important, our hope is that this program fosters an enthusiasm for reading throughout our students’ lives.

Happy Reading!