Classroom Management Techniques


Number lines posted at the front of the room.  Each class period has their very own number line.  The classes are in constant competition to get to 10 before any other class.  Good class behavior moves the number line up and bad class behavior it down.  The prize for getting to 10 first....the whole class gets cookies.

Ticket jars.  Students earn tickets for a variety of reasons, from good behavior to following directions to good grades.  At the end of every week we have a raffle.


A sticker chart used to track the individual student's progress.  It's amazing what a student will do for a sticker.  


1. Be Prepared    2. Be Punctual    3. Ask Permission

4. Follow Directions    5. Be Respectful


1. Warning    2. Writing Assignment    3. Parent Phone Call


1. Praise    2. Positive Phone Call    3. Positive Referral       

4. Tickets  5. Student of the Month   6. Stickers   7. Number Line



I found in the past two years, that a positive comment or action will carry you much farther with the students than any negative consequence or comment.  Achieving success in the classroom involves being consistent, fair and positive.  Always give the student a choice, so the consequence is now in their hands.  Don't be too harsh, consistency in punishment works better than the severity of the punishment.  And remember, they are people, just like us, they will make a mistake from time to time. 

The Classrooom Management presentation shows my change in opinion after I got a years experience under my belt.