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Personal passions

You may know the saying, "Dogs have masters, cats have staff."  It's so true ...

My two cats are Australian Mists: half Burmese, quarter Abyssinian and quarter tabby.  Bred for their people-centeredness, Australian Mists are intelligent, curious, affectionate and robust.  Jojo and Ana have very different personalities.  

Ana is a one-person cat, and has decided that I am 'her human'.  Acting more like a dog than a cat, she follows me everywhere, waking me up in the morning and insisting on play at precise times of the day.  

Jojo, realising her human has been appropriated by a rival, has sought her humans amongst my Ardoch neighbours, showering them with the affection she is prevented from giving me.

Anastasia, a 'black spotted' Australian Mist.  
And the beautiful Josephine, a 'brown marbled' Australian Mist.
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