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Detailed Schedule

The Empowered Classroom for the 21st Century

A “Stone Soup” Conference for Meredith, May 11, 2010

(scroll to bottom of page to download to a printable version of the detailed schedule )

8:30 – 9:00 am

Registration Check-In SMB Atrium

Check in, grab a cup of coffee, and revel in the fact that the last paper is finally graded!

9:00 – 10:00 am

Opening General Session

Plenary Speaker: 

Dr. Terry Roberts, Director of the National Paideia Center 

Ledford 101

10:15-11:15 am

Panel Discussion on How to Incorporate Experiential Learning (including Service-Learning) into your classroom:  A panel of our extraordinary peers discusses the genesis, development, and implementation of incorporating experiential-learning in their courses.

With Sally McCormick and Amie Hess


Location: 261 SMB

Paideia Session:  Follow up conversation with Dr. Terry Roberts


 Hosted by Clyde Frazier

Location:  263 SMB

Technology trends in higher education:  What new technology tools and applications should you be watching and experimenting with?  What new gadgets will shape the next wave of higher education innovation?  What can you do to keep up with the trends? With Laura Davidson & Jeff Howlett

Location: 162 SMB

11:20 - noon

Stop-and-Try-It Sessions

o    Faculty, Media Services, and Tech Services staff will be on hand to show/demonstrate AV gadgets like Flip video cameras, iPad, digital audio recorders, Google docs, Skype, enlivening PowerPoint, using Excel with Blackboard, next generation presentation tools like Glogster and Prezi, and more. With John Kincheloe, Rick McBane, Melanie Fitzgerald, Jan Hargrove, Jackie Manning, Barry Koster, Cheryl Todd, Robin Baneth, Diane Sherman and Becky Kirstein

o    Environmental Sustainability Academic Updates: The new major and minor plus study abroad, careers, service experiential and learning, and research- Erin Lindquist and Laura Fieselman 


Lunch Roundtables

Pick up Lunch in the Atrium and join one of our lunch round table discussions.


o     “Infusing Sustainability into Current Courses: A conversation on ideas and methods” hosted by Erin Lindquist and the Sustainability Teaching Circle (upstairs bridge archway – rain site room 238)

o    “Teaching in Honors:  How to get started teaching an honors course, colloquium, or contract course” hosted by Beth Mulvaney (room 209)

o     “Planning (or Revising) and Submitting Your Courses for Gen Ed Approval “ hosted by Amy Hess & Mike Johnson (room 175)

o     “We cannot have a learner centered campus unless assessment is fully integrated! Discuss….” Hosted by Pam Steinke (room 265)

o    “What can the Center for Women, Ethics, and Public Life Do For You?” Hosted by Steven Benko (room 170)

Not joining a roundtable?  Dining space is located in the corner alcoves on first and second floors, as well as in the courtyard

1:00 – 2:05

Service-Learning Nuts and Bolts: You will walk away from this nuts-n-bolts session empowered to implement service-learning in your own course.  Accessible, interactive, and engaging, this session will give you the tools you need and the knowledge of campus resources. With Diane Strangis & Shannon Kelly


Location: 261 SMB

Teaching Ethics as Critical Thinking:  If the goal of critical thinking is to raise the students’ awareness of the cognitive processes that give rise to thought, make the students more aware of multiple perspectives, and the consequences of alternative perspectives and conclusions, then there is a natural link between the teaching of ethics and critical thinking.  We will discuss how to organize and teach an ethics unit—or how to introduce ethical theory, case analyses, and comparative approaches to ethical decision making—as a way of instilling critical thinking skills in students.

With Steven Benko


Location: 263 SMB

Hybrid classes:  What’s involved with taking a class hybrid?  What college policies should you be aware of?  What college technologies will support you?  What works or doesn’t?
With Jan Hargrove, Jennifer Olson, Tisha Duncan, & Cindy Edwards


Location: 162 SMB



Creating a paperless class environment:  Students have to pay for every page they print.  Department copy budgets are being slashed.  How can you avoid the crisis? With Steven Roten, Robin Baneth, & Laura Fieselman


Location: 118 SMB

2:15 – 3:30

Implementing Critical Reflection with Service-Learning:  Meredith has made a commitment to enriching critical thinking in our students.  Join us for a session on implementing critical reflection into your classes. With Jennifer Olson, Edna Collins, & Shannon Kelly


Location: 261 SMB

Using AAC&U VALUE Rubrics to Assess Student Learning Outcomes:  The AAC&U developed a set of Valid Assessment of Learning in Undergraduate Education (VALUE) rubrics to assess essential learning outcomes of the Liberal Education and America’s Promise (LEAP) initiative.  Many of the outcomes assessed with the rubrics (e.g., Critical Thinking, Intercultural Competence, Ethical Reasoning, Problem Solving) are relevant to programs at Meredith (e.g., PRISM, Undergraduate Research, General Education) as well as program and departmental outcomes.  Come engage in an interactive session focusing on tips for using these rubrics across campus.
With Pam Steinke & Francie Cuffney

Location:  162 SMB

Scholarly bibliography management and student bibliography knowledge:  This dual purpose session will give you a hands-on introduction to Endnote, available through the Web of Knowledge, for managing your own research bibliographical information.  There will also be a panel discussion about what students are taught about bibliographies through the Learning Center, their composition courses, and the library.

With Judy Schuster,  Susan McClintock, Carmen Christopher, Jason Andrus,  & Jennifer Hanft


Location:  262 SMB (lab) – space is limited by the size of the lab

 Managing technology in a classroom:  How do you incorporate laptops into a classroom without having them become a hindrance or distraction?  With Betty Davidson, Cheryl Todd, & Barry Koster


Location:  118 SMB

3:45 - until

Checkout and Closing “Session”

Checkout at the registration desk is required to validate your stipend or thank you gift.

Please return your nametag and remember to complete the online conference evaluation @ Stone Soup Conference Evaluation
Join us across the street at the Brickhouse for some “debriefing”
with your choice of appropriate end-of-day-libations.  Cash bar, the snacks are on us. 

Cynthia Edwards,
May 6, 2010, 8:50 AM