MERDC Photos

Here are some photos of vehicles painted with MERDC camouflage. During the time when the MERDC camouflage was in use, newly manufactured vehicles were delivered in all over Forest Green and units receiving the vehicles completed the camouflage painting.  The US Marine Corps refer to this camouflage as four color camouflage since MERDC is a US Army organization.

Shown below is a US Army M109 howitzer in the Winter Verdant scheme on exercise in Germany.  (Photo: US DOD)

The tractor and trailer provide a comparison of faded and freshly painted Winter Verdant colors.
(Photo: US DOD)

The Summer Verdant scheme is shown below, but note that the Sand colored paint has not been applied.  In some units, it was common to omit the Sand color in the camouflage scheme.  (Photo: US DOD)

USMC M109 howitzers and AAV-7 in the Summer Verdant scheme.  (Photo: US DOD)

M60A1's painted in the Gray Desert scheme. (Photo: US DOD)

M60A1 tanks in the Gray Desert scheme at the USMC Twentynine Palms training area. (Photo US DOD)

USMC M109 howitzer in the Snow-Temperate with Trees and Shrubs scheme on exercise in Norway. (Photo US DOD)

M60A1 in summer verdant scheme.  The turret number and drum at the rear indicate this tank is an OPFOR (OPposing FORce) vehicle for a training exercise.   (Photo US DOD)