Mercury Facts For Kids In Hindi

Mercury is one of the tiniest planets in our solar system. It is the 1st planet in our raw solar system. In our language, we also call mercury Budh Grah. There are plenty of things you might don't know about Mercury planet. This is why I thought to make a list on Mercury Facts For Kids In Hindi. So, if you are interested to know some amazing Mercury facts in Hindi, keep reading this article.

Mercury planet is so small that 18 mercury planet could fit into the earth.
Where Earth takes 24 hours to make a complete rotation on its axis, Mercury takes 59 days.
Next Mercury fact for kid is, it has no moon and rings around it.
It was named after the Roman messenger to the gods.
Mercury takes only 88 days to make a complete rotation around the Sun.
It travels at a speed of 107,372 miles per hour.

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