Andre ROBIDOU and
Jeanne  DENOTE
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Andre Robidou dit L'Espagnol 
Andre Robidou is the ancestor to everyone in North America with Robidou, or a variation as a last name.  Andre was our first Robidou in New France, but he wasn't born in France like the rest of our French-Canadian ancestors.  Andre was born in Burgos, Spain, around 1643, and was baptized at St Marie en Galice.  It is unknown whether "Burgos" refers to the province of Burgos, or its capital city, Burgos.  
 The province of Burgos is a region of north central Spain.   Andre's father, Emmanuel (or Manuel, depending whether you use the French or Spanish spelling)  Robidou was from France, but Andre's mother, Catherine, was from Spain.  She is known as either Catherine Alue or Catherine of Alva.  The province of Burgos is bordered on the northeast by by the province of Álava, so it is likely that she was from there.   There is a municipality in Álava called Berganzo.  This might be where Andre Robidou was born.  Álava is part of the Basque Communities that straddle northeast Spain and southern France.  
In New France Andre was referred to as the "Dark Spaniard".  This seems to reference his hair & skin coloring, but French descendants would have had the same black hair as a Spaniard.  

Jeanne Denote
Jeanne Denote
married our first Robidou but she was more than a reflection of her husband.  Jean was a Filles du Roi, (or a "Daughter of the King").  She was born in the Ile-de-France region, and had arrived in New France in 1666.  
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