Welcome to Mercer County Republicans

What does the word Republican mean to you? Lower levels of taxation? Fiscal responsibility? Responsible government?  Officials who listen to your concerns?

We of the Party of Lincoln in Mercer County, Illinois, aim to win as many  elections as possible. Our goals are lofty, but we are working even harder to establish a stronger base of very active supporters to carry our message out to the voting public. 

Our message is in our mission statement:

The Mercer County Republican Party seeks to free the voice of the people by supporting positive, decisive and responsible candidates for local and county elections. Our goal is to support and defend the key values of Fiscal Responsibility, Free Enterprise, Conservative Moral Values and a grounded Common Sense approach to open government. We invite all to hear our message, support our candidates and move Mercer County forward.

There is a strong and defined need on two fronts. As Republicans, we can be active via our voices in voting, placing signs and passionately describing why supporting our platform HELPS strengthen this great county, state and nation. Secondly, we seek your financial support.

We are here to support the ideals of the Republican Party. We hope we can count on your support to put us over the top in every election.

2018 county candidate bios to view

Candidate profiles and photos may be viewed here on our website for all Republicans running for county offices in the fall of 2018.