1. What are the fees?
Fees for sellers:
  • Commission: 10%.
  • Circuit book sheets: $3.50, shipping included, per ten printed sheets, making up twenty "booklet pages".
  • Return shipping postage for your unsold material (varies depending upon amount and your chosen mailing method).
 Fees for buyers:
  • Commission: 7%.
  • Expertization: current MEPSI expertization fees are $25 for items valued up to $1,000.
  • Shipping: default shipping is first class.
2. How often are orders processed?
Every attempt will be made to send invoices in a timely manner (one or two days), but pauses in the service can happen because of my work schedule.  Stamps will be mailed within three business days following receipt of payment.
3. How do I know if an item from a circuit book has been sold?
At the top of each circuit book page, there will be a numbered list indicating which stamps have been sold.  Every attempt will be made to keep this information current.
4. What if more than one person requests the same item?
Each item is sold on a first come, first served basis.  The MEPSI administrator is the arbiter of the temporal priority of all requests.
5.  What if I am not the first to request an item?
If you requested only one item, you will be informed that the item is spoken for.  If you requested more than one item, and are the first to request at least one item, you will receive an itemized invoice for the available items.
6. How long will a book remain available on this site?
There is no strict schedule.  A book and its un-sold items will remain available until the owner of the book requests its return or a significant period of time has elapsed with no interest in its contents.
7.  How can I pay for my items?
You can pay via personal check drawn on a U.S. bank, or Paypal.
8.  Is there a fee for using PayPal?
9. What are my mailing options?
The default method of mailing will be USPS First Class Mail.  Other options are available, such as Priority Mail, tracking and insurance, at an additional charge.
10.  What if my items never arrive?
The buyer assumes all mailing risk.  If an item is lost in the mail and was not insured, there is no recourse.
11. What if what I purchased is different that the circuit book states?
Stamps are as presented by each individual seller.  Please consider the image as a part of the description.  MEPSI is not strictly reviewing or validating data.
12. Can I return an item?
No. It is my desire to administer a service that is satisfactory to all Society members, and while I recognize that this service does not allow for the physical inspection of stamps in your home, I cannot process returns and perform the financial accounting associated with those returns.  I believe in the high integrity of Society members, but mistakes in variety identification can happen, and faults can occasionally go unnoticed.  If you have particular concerns or questions about a stamp (condition or variety), please direct them to me prior to purchase.  Time permitting, and within the bounds of my (limited) philatelic knowledge, I will attempt to address them for you.  For any particularly rare or expensive items, you may avail yourself of the MEPSI expert committee (see below).

13. Can I have an item expertized prior to purchase?

Yes.  A $25 MEPSI expertizing fee must be paid prior to expertizing.  The item will be mailed directly to the MEPSI expert committee.  Once the results are received, you will be notified and given the option to purchase the stamp (along with the certificate).  Whether or not the item is genuine as described or ultimately purchased by you, the expertizing fee will not be refunded.