Michael E. Picollelli   (But I prefer "Mike"!)

Welcome to my page!  

As of Fall 2014, I'm an assistant professor in the Department of Mathematics at Cal State San Marcos.  Previously, I was a Shelly Visiting Assistant Professor in the Department of Mathematical Sciences at Carnegie Mellon.  I've also worked
for Charlie Boncelet in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Delaware, and I've taught in the math departments at UD and at Lafayette College.

I received my
Ph.D. at CMU in Algorithms, Combinatorics and Optimization in 2008, under the advisement of Tom Bohman.

My research focus is on extremal and probabilistic combinatorics, particularly problems in extremal graph theory and random graph theory. 

Academic Information

Curriculum Vitae: PDF Format
Publication List: PDF Format - This document is hyperlinked and includes articles in preparation
Statement of Research Interests: PDF Format
Statement of Personal Teaching Philosophy: PDF Format - This includes a summary of courses I have taught.

Research Papers 
(Title links to preprint if available.)

"The independent neighborhoods process", with Tom Bohman and Dhruv Mubayi, submitted.

"Detecting Anomalies in Streams", with Charles Boncelet and Lisa Marvel, submitted.

"Complete r-partite graphs determined by their domination polynomial", with Barbara Anthony, submitted.

"A note on K_r-free graphs with chromatic number at least r", Journal of Combinatorial Mathematics and Combinatorial Computing, to appear.

"The final size of the C_{\ell}-free process", SIAM Journal on Discrete Mathematics 28(3) (2014), 1276–1305. Journal Version.

"The diamond-free process",
Random Structures & Algorithms 45 (2014), 513-551.  Journal Version

"SIR epidemics on random graphs with a fixed degree sequence", with Tom Bohman, Random Structures & Algorithms 41 (2012), 179-214. Journal Version.

"The final size of the C_4-free process", Combinatorics, Probability and Computing 20 (2011), 939-955.  Journal Version.

"Set systems without a 3-simplex", Discrete Mathematics 311 (2011), 2113-2116. Journal Version.

"An Anti-Ramsey Condition on Trees,"
Electronic Journal of Combinatorics, 15(1) (2008), R24.

Doctoral Thesis: "Extremal Problems and Random Processes on Graphs."

Past Teaching Links

PGSS 2007 Discrete Math Core Course Homepage
SAMS 2007 Pre-Calculus Course Homepage (Carnegie Mellon)