1. The Battle of Marathon, 490 BC
This was a battle that no one thought could be won....

2. Everyday Life in Ancient Greece
Here is an eyewitness account of what it would be like to live in Greece...

3. The Suicide of Socrates, 399 BC
Considered to be the first and greatest of philosopher of ancient Greece, something happened to change that....read this eyewitness account.

4. Alexander Defeats the Persians, 331 BC
Alexander was called "The Great", and finished the work the Atheneans and the "300" started out to do. This is an eyewitness account of how Alexander got his name...


The Life of a Gladiator

This is a video produced by Discovery Channel and the British Broadcasting Company about one of the first gladiators to fight in the Coliseum.

A Portrait of Julius Caesar

Written by  Julius Caesar, this tells you a bit about the man.

Caesar Crosses the Rubicon

What a daring venture…bringing your troops where they do not belong.

The Assassination of Julius Caesar

Do not let power get in the way as Julius did. Several of his closest friends took him out.

The Burning of Rome

Who started this fire?  You get to investigate.

Nero Persecutes the Christians

Nero had to have someone to blame. Why not this fringe group?

Romans Destroy the Temple of Jerusalem

When one rebels against Rome, everything and everyone suffers.

Destruction of Pompeii

The mountain blew. And why didn’t the people run? They did not know what a volcano was.

Death of a Martyr

Some of the first followers of the Messiah decided to give their lives for this cause.

Fall of Rome

Did Rome fall or was it a gradual decline?

Dining with Attila the Hun

Never ask who Attila is having for dinner.



  1. Life in a Christian Monastery, ca. 585  
  2. The Vikings Discover America, ca. 1000 click here
  3. INVASION OF ENGLAND 1066 AD  click here 
  4. Anarchy in 12th Century England  click here 
  5. The Murder Of Thomas Becket, 1170 click here 
  6. The Crusaders Capture Jerusalem, 1099 click here 
  7. Richard The Lionheart Massacres The Saracens, 1191 • click here 
  8.   Kublai Khan In Battle, 1287 click here 
  9. The Battle of Agincourt, 1415 click here 
  10. The Black Death, 1348 click here 
  11. Columbus Discovers America, 1492 click here 
  12. Michelangelo Paints the Sistine Chapel click here 
  13. The Death of Magellan, 1521 click here 
  14. The Spanish Massacre the French in Florida, 1565 click here 
  15. The Execution of Mary, Queen of Scots, 1587 click here 
  16. Crime and Punishment in Elizabethan England click here 
  17. Torture in the Tower of London, 1597 click here 
  18. An Audience with Queen Elizabeth, 1597 click here 
  19. The Great Fire of London, 1666 click here 
  20. The Execution of Charles I, 1649 click here