About the URISA Mentoring Program


The URISA Mentoring Program fosters relationships between individuals who are interested in or new to the GIS profession, and knowledgeable mentors who can provide guidance to incoming professionals.

The Vanguard Cabinet, a team of young professional members of URISA, welcomes you to the new mentoring program for GIS professionals. Anyone in
the GIS industry who feels they would benefit from a mentor, or would like to volunteer their time to a mentee, can fill out a brief survey today to facilitate the matching process. 

This new program is the first step in a mentoring platform for GIS professionals which will provide mentors and mentees with additional resources and tools to support these relationships. URISA is dedicated to building strong professional networks and the Vanguard Cabinet bridges the transition into a professional career for those new to the industry.

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  • Facilitate matching process
  • Providing tested materials to help guide the mentoring relationship
  • Extend the mentoring program relationships past “young” and “old” members
  • Help people develop career-long, continuing relationships
  • Provide a resource to find people who have needs that aren’t currently being met
  • Monitor the mentoring process to learn what characterizes successful mentoring relationships

A successful Mentor is someone who..

  • Is truly excited to have the opportunity to be a Mentor
  • Is able to devote the time necessary to honor their mentoring commitment
  • Is patient, encouraging, and interested in the Mentee
  • Is accomplished within their field and takes pride in it
  • Has experience, knowledge, and/or skills that they would like to share
  • Has the self confidence needed to provide honest feedback to help the Mentees advance

A successful Mentee is someone who..

  • Is able to devote the time necessary to honor their commitment to the mentoring program 
  • Is receptive to gaining skills and knowledge that the Mentor may offer 
  • Is able to take the initiative to seek advice when needed 
  • Is focused on their goals and seeking out the path to achieve them 
  • Is prepared to discuss their needs, strengths, weaknesses, and specific interests 
  • Is able to take feedback and constructive criticism