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UCF's Project ASD

The Graduate Certificate in Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) provides additional training for educators and related service providers. Coursework focuses on knowledge, skills, and competencies for working with students with ASD. The program’s four courses can be incorporated into an Exceptional Education Master’s Degree or taken to supplement an undergraduate or graduate degree. UCF’s ASD certificate has been approved by the Florida Department of Education as meeting requirements for State Endorsement in Autism (Administrative Rule 6A-4.01796). Individuals holding the Florida ESE teacher certification may apply the four certificate courses toward the endorsement.

The Mentor Demonstration Classroom is a unique part of University of Central Florida's Project ASD. The Mentor Demonstration Classroom allows students in Project ASD to experience best practices in a local Central Florida classroom.  Teachers that have been selected for this program have been identified as exceptional.  Students can select from different locations and grade levels to meet the geographic location and personal interest.  Check out our site to learn more about the program, best practices videos one our YouTube Channel, and our teachers!