Menstroika®: A Foundation of Insight

        Menstroika Science is presented in two Journals by the Author. It is not experimental, but differentiated by applying techniques used in other sciences. All of Menstroika is based on empirically derived information by Introspection of the human mind. This method will yield discovery “knowing the unknown” relative to a minds’ function and processes. The two means of investigating minds always included planned studies employing logic, analyses and extrospection . . . opposed that of Menstroika, a mind offering what it knows and how it sees itself, by “looking around inside.” Most early philosophical investigations historically, strove to reason how human minds’ work. With the empirical information now at hand, extrospection can now be put to rest by knowing and pursuing events of True Introspection.

        Menstroika: A Foundation of Insight has at its base Menstroika. It is an enlightened “five-part mind” in which “turns out” a wont to rid itself of stress and Anxiety. It is an ongoing mutation within the human species, where many humans live an entire lifetime tormented with Anxiety. Menstroika discovered how Introspection of minds will help the Reader know minds’ functions and processing of sensory information. All minds do have the same operational mechanisms. This New Science was announced and promulgated in 2006. Now 21st Century Minds’ can know an ongoing advanced mutant phylogenesis dealing with “extreme exertions” of “unmanageable information.”

        Readers can also know, beforehand, how to effect the Science before its effective natural debut, at large. The Author provides examples, as well as, empiric substance along with Principles for the Reader to initiate personal tasks by Introspection. When a mature mind learns “how to know” the Unknown; there evolves a knowing happiness imperative to minds’ sanity . . . yet, must be heuristically discovered by individual practices common to True Introspection. In essence, a mature human searching through all their Subconscious memory. Such examinations of the self is more than mere reflections of their past memories. Once that captured Ability (learned process) is known by using Menstroika Science, a freedom to guide itself (a mind) goes on to experience a happier healthy anxiety-free lifestyle.

        The Science of Introspection is a system of acquiring knowledge based on scientific methods of Menstroika and its offshoot; the use of Menstroika Think Tank. It is a continuing Educational Foundation with programs to discover and document minds’ knowledge, understood through Self Consciously learning “how to know” the unknown. Using systemic methods, the Author collected observable information sources like Memory inside or Perceptions of sensory information from the outside that effects human minds. The evidences were contemplated and analyzed afterward. For some information, a minds’ direct output by the “thing-in-itself,” roundabout . . . made the perfect model of Introspection possible. The Principles of Esoteric Knowledge in the second Journal (Principles of Esoterica Knowledge) followed in a rather long list to establish “how mechanism of minds’ work.” These methods of Scientific Research by the Author include several means of getting at the Truth. In this research, there is the Neurological-Clinician searching out empirical evidences. Some of it Consciously Willed. In others, recording proffered information by the mind, itself. More by bits and pieces of thoughts, just noting epiphanies with applicable guidelines. And, of course, actual solutions realized, but forwarded in Minds’ Terms providing answers to conundrums, including those hidden in the Unconscious. Those required transmutation into English for the Reader’s understanding and future use, are too many instances to name them all here. The Author chose to limit these empirical differences, not known in other sciences, by creation of a completely New Science under the Title and Symbolic Five Players as Menstroika®: A Foundation of Insight.

        Publication of this Menstroika Science has been announced and issued in the First Edition of Menstroika: A Foundation of Insight, A New Science of Human Minds in 2006. Wherein, all “empirical discovery” was documented including 35 collage copied directly from proffered images presented to the Conscious. The Second Journal -Principles of Esoterica Knowledge provides a format for Reader comprehension. Those Principles provide a means to know the newest advancements in a “neurological network perspective” that led to mapping the circuits of the human mind. As said, actually experienced first hand by the Author. It was a most unusual task to wear one hat of a normal happy individual doing all the things that minds’ liked to do, when it want to do it — and then wear another hat as a researcher delving into the mind’s quarters, looking around begging to see the previously unseen or initiate Questions Put; then analyze by noting every “empirical information” proffered by that same mind.

        Dreams and epiphanies and other brain phenomena are nothing new. But to record, manage, interrelate the significance of each new event . . . the Author felt moments of pure joy. At times, such magnificence seemed unimportant, actually accepted it all quite casual . . . like “I already know!” These bouts of research was limited to three or four hours a day over a period of 6 years. Every remembrance is relative to all minds’ as “mechanisms for processing sensory information” are the same. Those formatted processes are born with every birth. Thus, any happening is trackable knowing “How to Know” regardless when it occurred in a life, it was just another major discovery by Menstroika through True Introspection.

        Cognitive Science is the study of minds’ thoughts. But differs in that Menstroika deals exclusively with experiences sensed, in every way. Mind’s knowledge flows after Perceptions become Conceptions and are placed in the many Forms of memory for Life. Most thought processes are troubling to minds’ and here, are discounted as a pseudoscience. While Menstroika embraces multiple means of Clinical-type Research, whether by visual Introspection directly (via minds’-eye) or contemplation of a dream, hearing synaptic actions, viewing reflection of the past or just sensing emotions felt (thought-attics) — all were or became memory lasting forever in that memory.

        Menstroika does not crossover to existing disciplines of psychology, artificial intelligence, philosophy, extrospective neuroscience, linguistics, anthropology, sociology and biology. But relies on varying acceptable scientific methodology, insofar as existing practices are necessary to make the record. Since True Introspection is a totally New means of documenting “goings-on” in human minds (e.g. mechanisms stacking sensory Conception into Forms); the Reader must know “individual’s information” differs by persons, places or things — age for age [Age for age - is not a chronological number, but a period of equivalent functionality.]

        Focused Attention is the automatic awareness by a mind in selecting, what is and what is not, important information. The human mind is bombarded with considerable stimuli and decides which information to process, but not at that instance. Minds’ attention is like a photo snapshot, lots of them. Each picture requires at least two senses; first to be acknowledge, then settles into an especial Form waiting for it in memory, usually within a 24 hours day. Minds’ are diurnally evolved and places all daily objective activity, not previously encountered, into its eventual memory stacks, while asleep or resting.

        The ability to learn and understand manmade language is an extremely complex process. One Language is acquired within the first few years of life, and another after enduring obedience schooling, much to early. While the early years are important learning periods regarding all natural objective knowledge to a mind. Attempts at dwelling on “manmade subjective information” seems a wasteful, offensive task most always causation of anxiety in many adolescents. However, when the Frontal Cortexes are fully mature, minds can consume “subjective information” by Consciously Willed efforts with much less anxiousness, for by then minds’ know differences.

        Some of the driving research questions in studying how the brain processes language are now history but once included: (1) To what extent is linguistic knowledge innate or learned? (2) For what reason is it more difficult for adults to acquire a second-language than it is for infants to acquire their first-language? Hmm! A bit silly. (3) How are humans able to understand novel sentences etc., etc..?

        This Briefing of Menstroika: A Foundation of Insight is but a few of the Insights minds’ of other human can benefit from knowing “how to know.” The learning period varies with age. And the fortunate are those whom have sensed their wisdom early. The Author wished it could be before their 50th birthday. Yet, benefits of knowledge have always passed to progeny and there is absolutely no reason for not knowing what minds’ like (the positive) and what minds’ loathe (all negativity). Thus, Menstroika Science can prepare human minds for a future free of Anxiety.