About Us

hhhmmm is only one of the many "kennels" or groups all over the world who follow the traditions of the Hash House Harriers. Basically we are a very social running club, sometimes called drinkers with a running problem.

Trails are set by "hares" in shredded paper or flour, with "checks" and "false trails" to slow the following pack down and to keep them together. 

We run in or around the city of Port of Spain, the capital of the Caribbean Islands of Trinidad and Tobago. We are a very informal Hash, which is how we intended it to be from the start. We have no committee, no Hash Master, no hare line. We do not sing and we don't have hash names. We concentrate on the important things, the running and the drinking. The runs are live, usually with two hares who get a 3 - 7 minute headstart. A Religous Advisor is Appointed at the end of each run to overseer the down downs at which time, hares volunteer for the next run. Visitors are very welcome.

hhhmmm was born out of the determination and far sightedness of two forward thinking individuals, Abel "Hairy Monster" Coelho and Keith "Forklift" Nieves. Coming from the very strong, continuous and consistent Port of Spain Hash House Harriers, a need was seen for another run, another way for these sex starved males to burn off excess energy and most important, another excuse to drink themselves silly during the week.

So it was that on Monday 26th May 1997, 25 Men (and Betty Boobs) set off from the Pelican on the first run of the Hash House Harriers Men's Monday Madness and have run regularly every other week since that day.


NAME: Hash House Harriers Men's Monday Madness (hhhmmm).
LOCATION: Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago.
FOUNDERS: Abel "Hairy Monster" Coelho and Keith "Forklift" Nieves.
MOTHER HASH: Port of Spain Hash House Harriers
RUN DAY: Alternate Mondays
RUN TIME: 5.15 pm
RUN LOCATION: Changes every run, usually a bar or rum shop (go to Next Run)
SUBS: No subs, kitty of about TT$40 or US$6 is collected after run.
RUN PARTICULARS: Men's Run, Live Hares.