We are "Hash House Harriers Men's Monday Madness" or "hhhmmm" if you prefer ........... Hashing with an attitude. We run hard and we drink hard, otherwise, we're just a bunch of shits. Trinidad and Tobago is our home and the roads, trails and then the bars are our haunts.

We thank you for visiting our Web Page, we hope to update it at least once every two weeks, so please be sure to come back. For info or comments, please send Forklift a message.

Female Hasher: "So why is yours an all mens Hash?" hhhmmmer: "Well we run fairly quickly, and the women wouldn't keep up." Female Hasher: "I know some Women that could outrun most of your Men!" hhhmmmer: "Well we do tend to drink rather a lot..." Female Hasher: "Some of the Women at our Hash would drink you guys under the table!" hhhmmmer: "Well we tend to curse a bit and our jokes could be quite rude and unsavoury..." Female Hasher: "Our Women are at least as bawdy as your mob and could cuss with the best of your men!" hhhmmmer: "Well it's to get away from you fast-running, hard drinking, foul-mouthed bimbos!"