Our next meeting: Saturday, 14 December 2019

Manifest Theatre 
Oxford Road, Manningtree
CO11 1BP

Our last meeting of the year will include a 'just for fun quiz' and a seasonal buffet.

(Please note: we will continue using the successfully trialled projector lay-out which 
restricts seating in the middle of the back row at the Manifest Theatre)

 Doors open 7:30pm. First film 7:45pm; Programme finishes 10:30pm approx

The Boys are door-to-door salesmen trying to sell Christmas trees in sunny California. But it seems that the Christmas spirit of "goodwill to all men" couldn’t be further from their thoughts when James Finlayson answers their knock on his door. 
 A tit-for-tat battle ensues with major damage to Finn’s home and to the Boys’ car which only ends when cop Tiny Sandford intervenes. 
Two shorts with a traditional 'Christmas setting'

Below Zero 

The Boys are reduced to busking with the hope of earning 50 cents a street.  Maybe playing "In the Good Old Summertime" in the snow was their first mistake ...  
Plus two sound shorts which have been chosen by members:

Towed in a Hole
Stan and Ollie make a living selling fish. Stan has a great idea to improve the business: they should buy a boat to catch their own fish and cut out the middle men.  But the boat they buy needs fixing up and to check for leaks they fill it with water 

County Hospital
Ollie is resting up in hospital when Stan visits with a gift of hard boiled eggs and nuts...