Christmas meeting 2019

N.B. Voting closed on 2/11/2019. 

We had already lined up two seasonal shorts for the Christmas meeting (Big Business and Below Zero) and that meant members had the opportunity to help choose the rest of the programme.

Nominations were collected at  meetings and by email and the results were collated so that the most popular entries could be considered for inclusion in our festive programme. 

The final programme has worked out with four shorts which will give us time for the Christmas buffet, the Sons song, the raffle and maybe another diversion or two ... 

In total we received 41 nominations - many thanks to those who took part.

The Final Tally ...

Nominated filmTotal votes
Laughing Gravy5
County Hospital5
Towed in A Hole5
Wrong Again3
L-H Murder Case3
Babes in Toyland2
Me and My Pal2
The Music Box2
A Chump at Oxford1
Bonnie Scotland1
Chickens Come Home1
Habeus Corpus1
Oliver the 8th1
Swiss Miss1
The Chimp1
The Fixer Uppers1
Busy Bodies1
Men o' War 1

This gave us 3 films with 5 votes and, by eliminating the most recently shown of the three (Laughing Gravy which we had last Christmas) we would have County Hospital (last shown 25/3/17) and Towed in a Hole (last shown 2/9/17). This would give an excellent programme consisting of:

Thanks again to all who participated. We will try to include your other suggestions in our forthcoming meetings.