The Men o' War Tent of the Sons of the Desert

Following the cancellation of our meetings during the coronavirus pandemic we had a re-launch meeting on 18 September, 2021. Click the link for details of our next meeting .

Please let us know if you have any suggestions of films to include as our meetings resume long term.

The Men o' War Tent is a branch of the Laurel and Hardy Appreciation Society - a society known as the Sons of the Desert which is named after the 1933 feature film. Our tent is based in North Essex (England) and the majority (but not all) of our meetings have taken place in the Manifest Theatre at Manningtree, near Colchester. Recently we have been meeting at the Oakroom Hall in Mistley. For our next meeting we are trying out a new venue - the Brantham Village Hall which has a raised stage for a clear view of the screen.

Our tent was established in January 1987 and is officially listed within the

Sons of the Desert as Oasis number 70.

Men o' War tent: Members and meetings

Men o' War Tent: Who does the organising?

The number of people attending meetings varies but typically would be around 30 or so ...

From left to right: David looks after the finances and and will usually be the one who collects entrance and raffle ticket money at the meetings; Nigel is usually busy working the projector but will often take time out to count us in for a rousing rendition of the 'Sons of the Desert' song and Paul is 'Grand Sheik' and usually does most of the talking at our meetings.

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