Madhavi and Meenakshi Menon

Bharatanatyam Dancers

      The sister duo of Dr. Madhavi Menon and Dr. Meenakshi Menon has trained in the Indian classical dance form- Bharatanatyam. Their guru, Padmashri Geeta Chandran presented them in a joint graduation ceremony at the Triveni Chamber Theatre, New Delhi, in November 1999. In a performing career spanning over a decade, Madhavi and Meenakshi have danced extensively in New Delhi, other parts of India, as well as the United States of America. They have also conducted lecture demonstrations on Indian classical dance for varied audiences, ranging from dance students to the corporate sector.The sisters have also received training in Carnatic classical vocal music from Smt. Visalam Venkatachalam in New Delhi, India

Madhavi is an Associate Professor of Psychology at Nova Southeastern University
Meenakshi is an Associate Professor of Psychology at Alliant International University.

Madhavi conducts Bharatanatyam classes for children (over the age of 5) and adults in Davie, FL.
Please contact her at or (754) 273-6563 for more information.