Meeting Date: Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Location: Lucette Brewery Menomonie


Tod Griffith, Jerry Porter, Steve Brown, Diane Brown, Chris Schranz, Bob Heise, Kim Wentworth, Linda Slowiak, Libby Stupak, Joan Carlson, Chad.


  • New sign at Menomin Park. Jerry to contact Randy and Jesse at the City and County
  • Volunteers for Environmental Site to build
    • Many ideas around finding new people in larger circle (runners, walkers, retired, scouts)
    • Contact Jerry with email lists to invite.
    • Bob to send text of his proposed email and survey questions he wanted to get out
  • Discussion of Mountain Bike Time Trial Event in assocation (same day) with Sadistic Century
    • Jerry to get on County Board meeting with proposal
  • Discussion on budget and balance of CFDC account.
    • All bills have been paid - see image attached.

Thanks for your time, attendance, and all your great ideas!

Jerry Porter

MAMBA Secretary/Treasurer