2016 Annual Membership Meeting

2016 MAMBA Annual Membership Meeting 2/15/2015 7:00 PM at Menomonie Public Library


Diane Brown, Bob Hiese, Kim Wentworth, Mark Anderson, Joan Carlson, Larry Theberge, Chris Schrantz, Kim Porter, Jerry Porter

Annual Elections held and voted unanimously for:

  • President - Tod Griffith
  • Vice President - Steve Brown
  • Secretary/Treasurer – Jerry Porter
  • Trail Marshal for Menomin Park – Kim Wentworth
  • Trail Marshal for Environmental Site - Bob Hiese
  • Member at large - Joan Carlson

Topics Discussed Include:

  • Trail Marshal for Environmental Site - Bob Hiese
    • Group agreed that a trail marshal board seat should be created to work with the SDMA Environmental Site Coordinator to plan and implement maintenance of existing and creation of new multi-use trails at the site
    • Group discussed the state of the current logging project and that Bob would connect with the County Forester to determine state of logging project at the site
    • Group agreed that new trail marshal should work with CORBA, an IMBA group to help plan an implement trails
  • Discuss Projects and Schedule Work Days for 2016 – Earth Day Project
    • Earth Day 2016 is on Friday, April 22
    • Mark Anderson will help us connect with schools to determine students, teachers, date and time
    • Kim Porter to contact 3M on Earth Day activities planned at Menomonie site
    • Chris to contact Mayo on support of event
    • Jerry to contact Mark Vinyl and Randy Eide about lunch and support.
    • Kim Wentworth and Bob Hiese will work on laying out trail project for event
  • Budget Review
    • Jerry reviewed the Fund Activity Report from the Community Foundation of Dunn County (CFDC)
    • Jerry reviewed the Vendor Invoice History from CFDC
    • Jerry reviewed List of Gift Payments from CFDC
    • Jerry reviewed the 2015 Sign Project paid for in 2016
      • 20 - 72" 3-Rail Rhino Signs
      • North Trailhead Sign Materials
    • Feb 2016 Balance $811.71
  • Other
    • Trail Marshal – Menomin
      • More Gravel needed in future - Jerry
      • A load of wood from Big Timber - Tod
      • A couple more trails added in 2016 - Kim
      • Commercial weed eater for berry?
      • Work Events scheduled a week or two ahead time - not fixed on monthly schedule
      • Check with Randy Eide to see about access of land on West side of River on South side of interstate - Jerry
    • DNR Proposal – Jerry reviewed the proposal from the DNR to use the snowmobile and groomers at Menomin Park.
      • Jerry would like to accept the proposal, second by Steve Brown
      • Vote approved unanimously
    • Grant application DR Brush Mower for Environmental Site – Jerry will submit $2,500
  • Environmental Site
    • Bob H – Trail Marshal at Environmental site
    • Need to get project going in 2016
    • Jerry to connect Bob to CORBA connections
    • Bob to contact SDMA site coordinator and forester to see where they are at with the logging project.
    • Steve to continue trying to connect with Madison Construction to get rocks in place around parking lot
  • Middle School Bike Project - Mark Anderson
    • 25 – 30 Box store Mountain Bikes in hands of SDMA
    • Middle school has bikes
    • Need some basic maintenance
    • John Upthall has expressed interest in working on bikes. Larry volunteered to help to John. Currently in storage shed at Middle School. Woodshop room has some space available in School to be used to repair space. Could repair 4 or 5 at a time. Mark line up two or three kids to help
    • Jerry to put together a grant proposal for $1,000 replacement parts to fix up the 30 bikes at the middle school.
    • Proposal for helmets to go with bikes
  • UW-Stout Club – Josh Sipma – Make the following points:
    • I dont think anyone representing the Cycling Club of UW Stout is able to make it tonight, but I am trying to find someone. In any case, I wanted to update you on our progress.
    • recently submitted proposal for the New Brickyard trails
    • successful trip to Duluth in October to race in the NCCCC series (we had 6 people come)
    • Upcoming trip Feb 26-27 to Rays MTB park in Milwaukee
    • Road Race in March -Road Race in April
    • Weekly group rides every Wednesday at 5pm (only indoor untill weather permits)
    • our posters can be seen around campus
    • we are really focusing on promotion of our club this semester
    • have about 10 consistent members, not big but like I said, focusing on promotion

Meeting adjourned