2014 MAMBA Members Meeting was held Wednesday, February 26, 2014 7 PM at the Menomonie Public Library Meeting room.

In attendance: Zach Anderson, Joan Carlson, Kim Wentworth, Steve Brown, Diane Brown, Kim Porter, Jerry Porter, and Tod Griffith.

Meeting Agenda & Notes

· Update on the proposal to the SDMA for the School Forest – Discussed following:

o On 2/25/2014 Jerry reviewed the MAMBA/CORBA proposal to SDMA with the Land Use Planning Commission of Lucas Township where Bob Colson, Kim Wentworth, and Gene Ruenger were in the audience. One of the points of concern was around "Race" events being held by MAMBA at the site. I highlighted that the proposal does not include any reference to MAMBA holding races. Another concerns was about overflow parking (especially with large Race events) and access for partying teens and other non-bikers. I highlighted the success of Menomin Park as well as other sites CORBA has done.

o Jerry briefly covered a grant proposal written to the Community Foundation of Dunn County for $9,500 to cover the costs of the SDMA School Forest project with CORBA. The status of the grant proposal will be known in mid-March.

o Bill Dingwald has indicated that the proposal will go before the School Board in March.


· Review of 2013 – Discussed following:

o Zach Anderson updated the group on the new features and other trail maintenance that was done at Menomin Park. 2013 was a great year of riding at Menomin Park with the trails being maintained very well all season long.

· Treasurer Report – Discussed following:

o Jerry discussed a proposal to enter into an agreement with the Community Foundation of Dunn County to be our Fiscal Sponsors. They would act as our “banker” and enable MAMBA to accept donations and provide the donors a 501(c)(3) non-profit receipt for the donation. They would issue reports of all transactions and make payments for MAMBA from our account. The Fiscal Sponsor agreement was not signed by the group due to questions on the Fees associated with the agreement.

o Jerry updated the group on the $1,500 grant from Dunn Energy Cooperative and the Operation Round Up grant program to build/buy a storage shelter at Menomin Park. The group discussed the options and some initial estimates for a 8’X8’X20’ or 8’X8’X40’ shipping container for approximately $3,000.

o MAMBA currently has a $0 balance, but needs to clean out the donation box.

· Nominate and elect MAMBA Board

o The group nominated and unanimously approved the following:

§ Tod Griffith – President

§ Steve Brown – Vice President

§ Jerry Porter – Secretary/Treasurer

§ Joan Carlson – Member at Large

§ Zach Anderson – Trail Marshal

The group discussed creating the same work day schedule for 2014 as was done in 2013. Thank you for a great 2013 and I look forward to great things in 2014!