2013 Annual Membership Meeting

The Menomonie Area Mountain Bike Association held its’ second annual membership meeting on Wednesday, February 20, 2013 at the Menomonie Area Library at 7:00 PM


- Jerry Porter

- Chris Schrantz

- Dave Carew

- Steve Brown

- Diane Brown

- Kim Wentworth

- Ted Ludwig

- Kim Porter

- Chris Peterson

- Randy Eidie

- Zach Anderson

- Joan Carlson

- Jim Peterson

The by-laws were reviewed and the detail of the sections around the board positions for: President, Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer, Trail Marshal, and a Board Member at Large.

Nominations were made and Jerry was nominated for Secretary and Treasurer; Zach was nominated for Trail Marshal; Chris was nominated for President; Steve Brown was nominated as Vice President; and Joan was nominated for Member at Large. All present unanimously voted for the group.

The following topics were discussed:

Map / pamphlet Project with Chamber - Zach will continue to work with Joan Friedenfields

- Pictures are on Facebook page

- Tourism grant will fund for printing of 1500 maps

- Dave will work with GIS map to get the trails updated and reprinted for the park sign

Menomin Park Sign –

Randy to update the board with Dave

- Dave’s new map

- Information for 2013 Trail work days

o 2nd Saturdays of each month starting April starting 10 – noon

o Other

Group discussed club priorities for Menomin Park for 2013.

New Trail – one right off of Hole shot down the first hill.

- Zach has 10 – 20 spots for obstacles

- Tight corners that need to be reworked.

- Rougester improvements

- Pump track needs work – still have clay to move, need equipment to finish the “S”, Zach

- End of Badger through the pines – Kim and Maria

Discussed a possible Snow bike Race / Ride fundraiser, no leader was available

Randy discussed a project the City is working on for 2014 or later. A Pedestrian bridge will connect the two parks (Menomin and Wakonda). Randy discussed that the city and MAMBA may want to add a trail in Wakonda Park. We could partner and be interested in looking at adding a dirt trail. Randy to keep the group up-to-date with email to Jerry and I will forward.

Chris Peterson spoke to the group about a new Shred park at the Dunn County Recreation Park site (South and West corner) – MAMBA Support of the project approved by board and Jerry will share with email list.

Hoffman Hills Discussion:

- Steve to contact Barb and the Friends group

- Jim Peterson to look at getting documents

- Work to get the master plan changed to include bicycle trails and dogs in the area

- Group supported the idea of working to change the master plan.

Dave Carew brought up the School forest (environmental site) out by Knaap. Dave thought the group should look into contacting the School representative for the area. The site is approximately 443 acres of great hills for mountain biking. Mentioned a teacher from the middle school is the coordinator – Group supported the idea to contact and look at getting permission and moving slowly with the School district on using the site. Jerry and Zach will try to have a meeting with school forest coordinator, William Dingwall.

The group discussed the non-profit status of MAMBA and it was approved for Jerry to work to gain non-profit status for the group. Ted Lugwig had a great deal of information on what was required and volunteered to help Jerry with the process.

Meeting adjourned.