Menomonie Area Mountain Bike Association (MAMBA)

January 18, 7 PM Meeting at Menomonie Public Library

Meeting Notes:

Randy opened meeting 7 PM

Thanks for coming.

Everyone introduced themselves around the room.

Brief History by Randy

– Small group gathered at BadCat Bicycle 2 – 3 years ago

– Met with the facilities committee and they approved the group working in the park

– Presentation at http:menomonieareamountainbikcassociation.org

– Menomin Park is a Dunn County Park

– November or December 2011 MAMBA reported to the county board and reported issues

Jim Peterson briefly talked about removing obstacles at the park that Pete and Paul wanted done and the he ran into Jerry and Kim who were not happy about the changes.

Dan Wood spoke to the meeting in the Fall of 2011. Discussed the karma of the meeting and that distractions at the meeting. Jerry mentioned there was little agreement on future direction of work at the park.

Maria discussed the issues of the past around the difficulty of trails and how things get approved or get done.

Randy – Talked about the expectations of the county

- Sits with Dave Wolle (County Facilities Director) and talked about mountain bikes at Menomin Park

Dave told Randy these items

– Loves the trails

– More use of the park

– Low maintenance

– Love to keep it going, does not want to micro manage

– Does not want too much detail and some feedback or contact

– Wants some structure to work with consistency and to go to with issues of park users

- Pete talked to Randy and he summarized items

– Pete wanted more structure, non-profit was a key

– Pete wanted to be at the meeting and recognizes the meeting, would still like to be a part of the group if possible

– Pete is not giving up, looking around the country for work

Group discussed board and trail boss and agreed that a committee should be formed to draft by-laws that define the organizational structure of MAMBA.

- Organizational Committee of at least five to define:

Bylaws that layout

- Officers lined out

- Proposed Structure

Some discussion on how the group could be a committee of the Rotary, Kiwanis, Optimist, or some other non-profit.

Volunteers for the Organizational Committee include:

Justin, Maria, Zach, Jim, Jerry, Randy, Rory, Dan Meet at Library on 1st at 7 PM

Meeting ended shortly after 8 PM.

MAMBA Group to meet again on February 15 at the Menomonie Library at 7:15 PM

Thanks for attending:

Randy Eide

Rory Feddersen

David Carew

Justin Pitts

Jim Tennessen

Kim Porter

Dan Wood

Steve Brown

Maria Wentworth

Diane Brown

Jerry Porter

Kim Wentworth

James Peterson

Chris Peterson

Zach Anderson

Terese Wentworth

Jane Brakken

Notes by Jerry Porter. Please let me know if you have additions or corrections.