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Mobile phones application (Java ME) which shows the upcoming events, task and a background image you desire. It can also be used as a wallpaper application in Sony Ericsson phones. MobyToday (which is a very nice application) does the same. This is an open source application. You may download the code and fix, customize, or simply learn from it.

Missing features:
1) Does not show recurring events.
2) Does not support animated GIF background.
3) Can not recognize 'all-day' events. Those events are treated as full day events.

Support about this application can be done using the forum thread at

Phone requirements:
1) Java JSR-75 - lots of phones support this feature.
2) Stand-by application support - if you wish to run it as a wallpaper. Stand-by supported phones (supposed):
W830, W850, W880, W610, W710, K610, K800, K810, K550, K790, Z310, Z610, Z710

Tested on:

Current version: 0.0.42: JAR, JAD.

Source Code - a NetBeans 6.1 w/ Mobility project. Download NetBeans from here.

The code requires Sony Ericsson SDK for the Java ME platform. Download the SDK from here.

Version 0.0.42:
1) Fixing the Configuration Form bug - the application is configurable now.

Change log.

This software is licensed under the CC-GNU GPL.