...is generally translated as "hospitable" in English but literally means in Greek "love for the foreigner or sojourner". The organization was founded by the former Orthodox priest Fr. Christoforos Schuff in 2013. It was originally called "People at Work" and focused on providing small jobs and periodically housing for poor in Norway. Due to the large influx of refugees and the great need for assisistence in Europe and specifically in Greece, Christoforos has focused on the refugee situation since Fall 2015 on Lesbos, an island where he already had lived for extended periods of time since 2001. He has helped coordinate refugee relief work and communication on the North-East side of the island, in the Sykaminea/Skala Sykamineas-area. From October 2015 until March 2016 he voluntarilly functioned as Site Coordinator for the UNHCR Assembly Point (Transit Camp) at Sykaminea in cooperation with the UNHCR and again in the Spring/Summer of 2017. "Filoxenos" has recently reduced activity on the island, due to the change in the situation as of the Summer of 2017 (with reduced arrivals), and mainly foucses on reception and transportation of refugees on the North-East coast of Lesbos and by maintaining a hydernating reception site on the coast of Lesbos until the end of 2017, to be opened should the number of arrivals increase.

On Hospitality:
"Accepting the task of hospitality, the patriarch [Abraham] used to sit at the entrance to his tent (cf. Gen. 18:1), inviting all who passed by, and his table was laden for all comers including the impious and barbarians, without distinction. (...) We too, then, should actively and eagerly cultivate hospitality, so that we may receive not only angels, but also God Himself. For ‘inasmuch’, says the Lord, ‘as you have done it to one of the least of these My brethren you have done it to Me’ (Matt. 25:40)." - St. Theodoros (A Hundred Spiritual Texts, §85)

"...Christ has much to say about the small and the insignificant people. Because Abraham also knew this, he did not inquire of those who were going by who they were or where they came from, as we do now; he simply welcomed all who were passing by. For if you wish to show kindness, you must not require an accounting of a person's life, but merely correct his poverty and fill his need". - St. John Chrysostomos (2nd Sermon on Lazarus and the Rich Man)

Support, Volunteering and Visibility: As of 2017 all donations have come from personal resources or private donations. If you would like to come and volunteer, please feel free to do so...if, and only if you're willing to work hard, listen to experience and get your hands dirty. If you wish to donate to the work Christoforos is doing, either in Norway or in Greece, please see international account information at the bottom of this page. Donations go currently towards rent for the hybernating reception site, some transportation costs (shared with an independent volunteer group) as well as housing and travel expenses. Previously they have gone towards food, clothing, blankets, medical supplies, etc., but they also go towards such mundane things as paying for drainage works, procurring and emptying toilets, vehicle repairs and maintenance, buying diesel or gas for vehicles or generators, lighting, fencing, tarps, rental cars (also to run supplies), garbage bags, VHF-radios for communication, etc.

If you choose to donate for this relief work, please be aware of the fact that Christoforos will probably not take a picture together with your things or your logo. He will sign a bill of lading for donations of items for refugees or give you a receipt for the amount of your donation, but will most likely not make a list of beneficiaries (i.e. refugees), take pictures with them, spend much time or resources on making newsletters and promotion, etc., as he sees this as a misuse of time and resources, when people in the moment and in need should be in focus. If donors would like to come and see what is being done, they are welcome and encouraged to do so, as this will give a more realistic experience of the what, how, when and why resources are distributed to those in need as they are.

Filoxenos is in the process of applying for voluntary revision control by the The Norwegian Control Committee for Fundraising, a process which we hope will be completed within 2017. An Annual Report will be published at the end of each calendar year.

Donasjoner/prosjektkonto for arbeid med flyktninger: 3000.33.29247


Visste du at det er lov å tilby enkelte småjobber til EØS-borgere som befinner seg i Norge?

Mange av våre medmennesker som tigger i gatene vil mye heller ha småjobber! Trenger huset ditt et strøk maling? Litt hjelp i hagen? Rengjøring? Vi ønskjer å formidle seriøse jobber for disse til en rettferdig pris. Oppdragene må være på minst 2 timer for å gjøre det lønnsomt og minst 6 timer dersom det er lang reisevei. Prisanslag etter avtale og i samsvar med gjeldende tariffavtaler for lignende arbeid ellers i Norge. Interessert?


VIL DU DONERE NOE ELLER ET BELØP til "Mennesker i arbeid"s arbeid i Norge?
Donasjoner/gavekonto: 3000.27.39948

"Filoxenos - Mennesker i arbeid" Org.nr.: 812266802

To offer work via MIA, please use link


To offer housing, material donations or with general questions:

* "Mennesker i arbeid" tilbyr arbeidsformidling hovedsaklig i Kristiansandsområdet eller evt. på Agder.
** FORMÅLET til "menneskeriarbeid.no" er: 1) å tilby alternativer til tigging og mangel på bosted på kort og lang sikt 2) å formidle grunnleggende verdier om menneskeverd og likebehandling overfor folk som tigger som befinner seg i Norge...uansett religiøs tilhørighet eller statsborgerskap! "menneskeriarbeid.no" ønsker å hjelpe til gjennom å formidle småjobber til folk som tigger som befinner seg i en vanskelig situasjon og å være et bindeledd mellom arbeidstaker og -giver (*** se Ansvarserklæring). "menneskeriarbeid.no" drives av frivillige på ideelt grunnlag og tar ikke betalt for tjenestene som ytes, hverken før eller etter at en avtale er fullført eller avsluttet.
”menneskeriarbeid.no” er kun formidler av småjobber mellom én eller flere privatpersoner som arbeidsgivere og én eller flere privatpersoner som arbeidstakere. Arbeidsgiveren er inneforstått med at dersom arbeidet settes i gang etter muntlig eller skriftlig avtale gjennom ”menneskeriarbeid.no”, utføres oppdraget på samme vilkår som om man hadde leid inn naboen til å utføre et oppdrag hos seg (hagearbeid, maling, rengjøring, osv.) og at arbeidstakernes opphold på privat grunn skjer på eget ansvar. Det er ellers arbeidsgiverens ansvar å stille med passende utstyr til den jobben som skal utføres, f.eks. rake, rive, spade, maling, koster, underlag, stiger, osv.


Filoxenos (MIA/ «People at Work» by St. Herman of Alaska Orthodox Church) International Account Information

Refugee Relief Account Info:

IBAN: NO5830003329247


ACCOUNT OWNER: Den Ortodokse Kyrkja i Noreg

BANK NAME: Sparebanken Sør

Hospitality and Relief Account for Norway Info:

IBAN: NO2730002739948


ACCOUNT OWNER: Den Ortodokse Kyrkja i Noreg

BANK NAME: Sparebanken Sør

U.S. transfer info:

Bank: Sacramento Credit Union

Routing #: 321175520

Account #: 136933

Mark the transfer if possible: "Refugee Relief". Any checks sent to the bank can be made out to "Christoforos Schuff" and marked "Refugee Relief"