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Title: Stories of our fathers: Men’s recovery from intergenerational injuries.

Thank you for taking the time to consider being a part of this study. If you are a man over the age of 19 who has suffered a psychological injury through your relationship with your father, and then experienced healing through counselling, you may qualify to participate in this study.  The objective of the study is to investigate the process of therapeutic repair for men who have experienced psychological trauma in their relationship with their fathers and describe the process of recovery in the language of men .  The study addresses the question: How do men construct the process of therapeutic recovery from trauma experienced in their relationship with their fathers? 

There no obligation to participate but if you are interested in more information please contact Michael Dadson at 604-868-0942 or email at mrdadson@shaw.ca. I will be happy to answer any questions you have and provide you with more information about the study.


Thank you for your consideration.


Michael Dadson Ph.D. (cand.),

University of British Columbia


Tel. 604-868-0942


What the study is about

The Question.......

How do men construct the process of therapeutic recovery from trauma experienced in their relationship with their fathers?

Reasons for the Study....

The culture and language of traditional psychotherapy conflicts with masculine culture and language.

There is a dearth of studies that focus on the effects of trauma in father/son relationships and there is a need to research this injury and effective treatment processes  (Allen & Daly, 2007; Ball, et. al, 2007; Carlson, 20006; O’Neil, 2008).

We Need to Know More About.....

The way the father son relationship shapes men’s masculinities.

The effects that a father gender role trauma has on sons.

The process of recovery from male injuries and father wound


The results will help bridge the “cultural gap” between counselling psychologists and injured men.