What We Believe 
Our Mission, Philosophy, and Core Values

Our Mission 
Menlo Park Academy is a public school that develops the potential of gifted learners through unique and rewarding experiences that nurture the whole child.

To understand our mission, we look at each concept individually: 
□  Public School – We are a public community school with open enrollment and no tuition charges.
□  Gifted Learners – Those students identified as gifted according to the rules of the state of Ohio. 
□  Unique – A curriculum as unique as our students with the appropriate acceleration and differentiation options to address their varied needs of our students. 
□  Rewarding – Providing experiences that build our students’ self-confidence and enjoyment so that they maintain their love of learning. 
□  Experiences – A school environment where parents and teachers partner together to reach milestones in both instruction and experiences through in-school activities and outside events. 

□  Whole child – a school environment that provides an understanding of the unique qualities of gifted children and the common asynchronous development of their emotional, spiritual, physical, and academic abilities.


Our Philosophy - Educating the Whole Child
We know that gifted children have special needs.  They learn best in an enriched environment designed to develop their skills, as well as service their different intellectual, social, and emotional needs.  True learning involves the development of the "whole child", with the support they need to develop high level critical and creative thinking skills.
Our curriculum offers more density, complexity, and moves at a faster pace than is available in typical environments.  Children are also afforded the opportunity to interact and build friendships with their intellectual peers. 
"Many gifted children are frustrated by the constraints of ordinary classrooms and their abilities go unnoticed. As a parent, it is our responsibility to look at our child as a whole to assess their potential gifted 'intelligences' within them. Once you believe your child is gifted in certain fields; then it is necessary to get them assessed. The very last thing a parent wants to do is to let the bright mind remain unnoticed."  Brainy Child 

MPA Core Values
We have established the following core values for our organization.  These values apply to our entire community, including faculty, staff, board members, parents, and students.  We hold these values in high regard and encourage everyone to think of them as they work and interact with each other every day.
  1. Student-centered
  2. Intellectually alive
  3. Professional
  4. Positive
  5. Motivated
"The tragedy is that for many gifted students, much of the time they spend in school is squandered. They already have mastered the material and are marking time until they are allowed to skip a grade or are permitted to take college-level courses. According to the National Research Center on the Gifted and Talented, gifted elementary students have mastered between 40 and 50 percent of the school year’s content in several subject areas before the school year begins. As they progress through school, many underachieve, failing to develop the study skills and persistence necessary to succeed in challenging coursework, as everything comes so easily to them at first."  http://www.aasa.org/SchoolAdministratorArticle.aspx?id=7230