Grievance Process and Form

Grievance Process & Form

MPA’s Board of Directors has established a grievance committee.  A “grievance” is defined as a written complaint regarding an alleged violation, misinterpretation or misapplication of any provision or policy of the school. The committee’s purpose is to facilitate the processing of any grievance or concern brought by someone within the MPA community that cannot be resolved via the normal grievance process outlined here:

The normal grievance process for most school concerns begins with the classroom teacher.  If the situation is not resolved to a party’s satisfaction, they should escalate the issue to the School Director for resolution.  If the situation remains a concern, the party can escalate to the Board via the Grievance Committee. 

The grievance committee members are responsible for handling the complaint review process:

1)     written description of the grievance, along with any supporting documentation, to be presented by the aggrieved party to the grievance committee no later than one month after the occurrence;

2)    committee review of the grievance and all supporting materials along with interview of the aggrieved and other relevant parties within one month's time;

3)    committee decision within one week's time or a call for more information, in which case the process starts again with #2;

4)    the grievance committee makes its decision and nonbinding recommendations concerning the disposition of the complaint known to the school's Board of Directors;

5)    the Board of Directors considers the recommendations of the grievance committee at its next regularly scheduled meeting and renders a decision;

6)    if the Board decides wholly or partially for the aggrieved, any remedial action is to be taken as expeditiously as possible;

7)    there is no appeals process if the aggrieved is dissatisfied with the Board's decision. 

To file a grievance, please complete the form below and someone from the Grievance Committee will contact you.

Grievance Report