Program Delivery Standards

Program Delivery Standards
MPA offers an academic program that is designed to stretch the academic level and interests of cognitively gifted learners whose abilities exceed typical age-defined models.  Our dynamic curriculum blends traditional methods with innovative options necessary to build an independent thinker.  We offer an eclectic approach, choosing the best strategies in gifted education for our students with the intent to intrigue and maintain a child’s love of learning.

MPA students don’t just study information, they discover how to ask questions, seek answers, and explore topics in great depth.  This is accomplished through hands-on learning experiences, recognition of different learning styles, understanding of a gifted child’s asynchronous development, and a focus on higher-order thinking skills. 

Our curriculum goal is to develop fluent, original thinkers who take an active role in their learning process.  Instruction is integrated across disciplines.  

We intend to be visionary in our approach, knowing that these students have the ability to reach high goals become high achievers if their educational needs are met. 

MPA’s educational program focuses on developing the whole child.  It addresses the intellectual/academic, social/emotional, as well as physical/health needs of each learner.  It doesn’t focus on just content knowledge, but also skills that encourage students to think critically and communicate effectively.  We provide a learner-centered environment that looks to prepare our students for a successful future in work and life

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