Learning Environment

Learning Environment
At Menlo Park Academy, we offer gifted classrooms at all grade levels.  In traditional classrooms, approximately 1/3 of the school year is spent reviewing information.  For gifted students, this repetition and slow pace can be frustrating and ultimately detrimental to their learning processes. 
Each student at Menlo Park receives an individualized learning plan so that they can work at their own pace and accelerate in areas where they have strong interests & abilities.  They receive support from teachers who understand their unique and special needs.
These gifted children are able to learn and grow with their peers and feel a sense of belonging that is not normally found in other classrooms where they feel different, and often attempt to pretend they don't know the answers so that they "fit in".  They can be truly challenged to reach their full potential.
Parents are welcome partners in this learning environment, and are encouraged to be involved in many ways - whether it be classroom assistance, a field trip chaperone, or helping the teacher plan an activity.