Is My Child Gifted?

Many parents wonder how they know whether or not their child is gifted.  There are many early signs, but most of the time, if you think he or she has above average abilities, and seems to be doing things earlier than many peers, you're probably correct.  Click here to view common behaviors of gifted children.
Gifted Underachievement
Read this report about the growing problem of underachievement with gifted children who aren't challenged in school.  They estimate that as many as 20% of high school dropouts come from the gifted population.

MSA 2009 SLAM Contest


NEO GEAR (NorthEast Ohio Gifted Education Advocacy and Resources) is a local, non-profit organization whose mission is "to advocate for additional options for gifted children in Ohio's schools and provide informational resources and family networks to support the special needs of gifted children".   Please visit the Resources page of their site to view additional links and information.

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