Our curriculum is based on the standards of the state of Ohio, and enriched with extra projects and activities.  In June 2010, the State Board of Education adopted the Common Core State Standards in English language arts and mathematics as well as the revisions to Ohio’s academic content standards in science and social studies. The standards will be effective in 2014-2015 when newly aligned assessments also will be implemented.  This is currently a time of transition in aligning the current Ohio State Standards being used with the upcoming switch to the Common Core State Standards.

We start with the base curriculum following Common Core Standards, then differentiate and go more in-depth in topic areas using these curriculum strategies & materials.  Most MPA courses begin at least one grade level above where the publishers recommend.


We are proud to offer Art, Music, Spanish, Technology and Physical Education classes in addition to our standard curriculum.  Click here to view detailed information on our instructors. 

We offer elective violin lessons during the school day for beginning, intermediate and advanced level students. In addition, we have a wide variety of other electives for our students to chose from that change each Trimester. Sample electives include Karate, Geology, Health & Nutrition, Shakespeare for Kids, Sign Language, Public Speaking, and Mock Trial.

Violonistics Beginner, intermediate and advanced levels, all grades. 

Violin students, from beginning to the more advanced, develop a strong foundation for playing the violin and eventually begin learning how to play and read music.  Beginning violin students start with "box violins" and practice bows which help to build proper posture and foster confidence on the instrument.  They will learn basic posture on the practice violin, the bow hold on the practice bow, and build a foundation for playing the real violin.  Information is continuously sent home to parents in order to aid with home learning.  Students pay an instrument rental fee.  The instructor supplies all box violins, violins and materials in order to properly fit each student.