Menlo Park Academy serves the needs of gifted learners in grades kindergarten through eighth and is open to qualified children of any race, color, nationality, or religion. Our admissions process is designed to help both families and the school learn as much as possible about applicants in order to make a strong, informed decision on behalf of each child


To enroll at Menlo Park Academy (MPA) a student must have qualifying scores, less than 24 months old, on a state approved testing instrument as listed on the Chart of Approved Assessment Instruments for Gifted Screening and Identification from the Ohio Department of Education (ODE).  MPA requires a Superior Cognitive identification for admission.  Please refer to the ODE website under Gifted Education for further information.


In addition to a completed application, nonrefundable deposit and qualifying test scores, MPA requests the following in order to make the best decision for placing and servicing each child:

·         Nationally-normed Achievement scores less than 12 months old

·         One teacher or care provider recommendation for kindergarten and 1st grade (please use Teacher Referral form)

·         Two teacher recommendations for students in 2nd-7th grades (please use  Teacher Referral form)

·         School transcripts or records from previous school experiences are required to enroll.

Upon receipt of the above items, the school’s Admissions Committee will review the application materials.  If further information is desired before optimal placement can be made, a meeting with the parent may be scheduled.


Kindergarten Entrance Criteria

Children who turn five by September 30 are eligible for kindergarten. 
For children turning 5 between October 1 and December 31, a parent may request early admission per the Ohio Department of Education.  In cases of these early admission requests, MPA will adhere to the process outlined in its Academic Acceleration Policy and its Acceleration Evaluation Committee will convene in late May to finalize acceptance decisions.
For children turning 5 on January 1 or later, MPA will evaluate the child for early admission only if referred by an educator within the district, a preschool educator who knows the child, or a pediatrician or psychologist who knows the child.  In such cases, MPA will also adhere to the process outlined in its Academic Acceleration Policy.


Testing for Gifted Identification

If your child is enrolled in your local public district, you can request that he or she be tested for gifted identification there.  You can also pursue private testing through a psychologist's office.  The following psychologists will administer IQ tests at discounted rates (normal test fees average $300) if you mention you are considering enrolling your child at Menlo Park Academy:

Dr. Sylvia Rimm & Associates, Family Achievement Clinic: 216-839-2273

Dr. Kenneth DeLuca, Kenneth A. DeLuca, Ph.D. & Associates, Inc.
440.327.1800 or 800.686.0327;; $150

Dr. Cara Daily, Daily Behavioral Health
216.252.1399;; $150-$225

If you have any questions about the admissions process, please contact us at or 440.925.6365.


Thank you for your interest in Menlo Park Academy.