MPA In the News

"Specialized Schools Top New Ranking", Columbus Dispatch, November, 2011.

"Charter schools draw students and money from high-ranking suburban districts", Cleveland Plain Dealer and, October, 2011.

Kehley Coleman-Student of the WeekSun Sentinel and, May, 2011.

Menlo Park wins Best in Show,, March, 2011.

Ojas N. wins at Science Fair, Whiz Kids, February, 2011.

Menlo Park Students team up in bake sale to help Haiti, The Sun News, March, 6, 2010

Move that Trailer!Fox8 & Channel 19 News videos, December, 2009

"Whatever Happened To Menlo Park Academy", The Plain Dealer, November, 2009

"Gifted Academy Finds a New Home", The Chronicle-Telegram, June, 2009

"Gifted charter school to move: Menlo Park Academy to leave Lorain, Westlake for Cleveland", The Morning Journal, June, 2009

"Former Lorain Catholic Site is Open for Business", The Chronicle-Telegram, November, 2008

"Spartan Building draws a crowd", The Morning Journal, November, 2008

"Menlo Park Academy for gifted students opens"
, The Plain Dealer, September, 2008

"Former Lorain Gifted Academy to reopen under new name, management", The Chronicle-Telegram, September, 2008
"Gifted Academy opens under new name", The Morning Journal, September, 2008

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Gifted Education News

"Kids should be Allowed to Learn at Own Pace", Columbus Dispatch, July, 2012.

"Don't Leave Gifted Students Behind", Education Week, February, 2012

"Gifted, and Different", Chicago Tribune, October, 2011

Are Top Students Getting Short Shrift?New York Times, October, 2011

Do High Flyers Maintain Their Altitude?Fordham Institute Report, September, 2011

Gifted Students not Showing Growth, Springboro Sun, October, 2010

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"Sacrifice for Child's Education Personal, not SelfishThe Detroit News, February, 2009
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, The Davidson Academy, February, 2008

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