Frequently Asked Questions


What curriculum is being used?

Our curriculum is based on the standards of the state of Ohio, and enriched with extra projects and activities.  We are able to spend more time on enrichment because the standard curriculum is compacted.  Click here to view the detailed standards for each grade level.  Please visit our Curriculum page for more details.

What specials do you provide?

We currently offer an Art program, Music program, an introduction to the Spanish language, Technology and Physical Education.  We also offer violin lessons on-site during school hours to those students who are interested, as well as elective options such as band, choir, arts, newspaper, creative writing, public speaking and others.  These vary each grading period.

Grade Levels

What grade levels do you offer?
We currently serve students in grades K-8.

Where are you located?

Our school is located at the former St. Mel school building on Triskett Avenue in the West Park area of Cleveland. This location provides easy access from 3 major highways, making the school more accessible to many families in the area.

What are the facilities like?

It is a former Catholic school building that has been maintained very well.  The classrooms are spacious and filled with windows. There is a science lab/specials room and computer lab in addition to the regular classrooms.  All rooms are equipped with SMART Boards, computers and standard school equipment.    


Can I tour the facilities?

Yes.  Tours are scheduled the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month at 10:30am.  Please email or call the school to reserve a spot. 



Who are the teachers?

We currently have several wonderful certified classroom teachers and "specials/electives" teachers in our school - you can read more about them here.  They are all excited to partner with our families and achieve great heights.

Is there an after-care program?

Yes, we are happy to have found a program that will allow our families some flexibility in drop off and pick up times. Read more about The Edison Club here.

Is there a hot lunch program?

Not at this time.  Students will need to provide their own lunch and beverage.  


Will my child be able to take a bus?
This is up to each individual district. So far Avon, Avon Lake, North Ridgeville, Olmsted Falls/Township, Sheffield/Sheffield Lake, and Westlake provide bus service to the school.
Generally, cities will provide bus service if they can drive to the location of the school within 30 minutes and have around 8-10 students enrolled from the district. Many area districts already transport to other schools in the area, so they may be able to add our school to the route. You are encouraged to contact your local district’s transportation department to determine what they are willing to provide.  Click here learn more about the community school transportation policy from the Ohio Department of Education.

Will you arrange carpools?
While the school cannot arrange these for you, we are happy to provide contact information of other students enrolled in your area for you to arrange on your own.

School Management/Charter
What is a charter or community school?
Community or charter schools have been serving Ohio students since 1997.  They are tuition-free public schools operated by local governing boards that are free of many state regulations so that they are better able to serve their students.  These schools provide a critical educational option for parents without the added costs of private school tuition.  

Who is on the board?
The school's board is comprised of parents and professionals with extensive business, technology and educational experience. This means that key decisions about school operations are made by the people closest to the students, and with a knowledge and understanding of gifted education. All board meetings are open to the public and we encourage parents to attend.  Click here to view our board meeting schedule.

School Name

Why the name?

Menlo Park was Thomas Edison’s famous “Invention Factory.”  He grew up 25 miles southwest of the current school location in Milan, Ohio.  In school, his teacher thought he was “slow” so his mother home-schooled him.  At Menlo Park Academy, we intend to provide a creative, stimulating environment for gifted children, like the Invention Factory did for Edison and his peers.