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The amazing "Powa Ranja" story.

 10-June / Developing.

 We are currently developing... something. And we are too lazy to post anything up here except this post. So there!

Red Ranger back to game developing!

 23-May / Day off!


    Some pics of me on my day off...

Dark back 2 Def Star!

 18-May / E3 Impressions.

 The Eletronic Entertainment Expo 2006

I wanted to be there, believe me i wanted to but, just like last year, rangers weren´t allowed. SO! I only watched the Sony and the Nintendo conference live. I downloaded videos from the show, and consumed tons of pictures and screenshots from the latest games as any Ranger usually does. ON TO THE OPINIONS! GO!

The Sony Conference.

Im in Portugal (for those who think it is some sort of province in Spain... palhaços!) and from here i watched live the Sony conference that aired at 1 am. 

 This console looks way better than PS2.

These guys rule. I really love the professionalism shown in all their presentations. last year they rocked with the PS3 and the rendered videos etc, this year they had to prove themselves, they almost got it right. The games, the technology, the pad, the online service etc. YEAH, yeah, the console lost some ports in the back, big deal! I don´t think its expensive if I wanna play the with the biggest guns in town, so they probably cost a little more.

 The wireless, rechargable, USB, 10 bit analog, motion sensible,  motherfucking pad!

The Nintendo Conference.

I laughed. A lot! Myamoto rules! Did he smoke something backstage? It was fun, lots of fun. The Wii? It will capture a new audience im shure of it. I don´t know if they will keep the old ones.

 The Wii, and the its tv like remote.

I really don´t care about playing Zelda, Mario or something like that, but i am not their audience anyway. I think they are smart to go after a totally diferent segment other than the one Sony and Microsoft are after.

 The Microsoft Conference.

I didn´t watch it live or taped. I really don´t believe in them. They don´t have any appeal to me as a brand os company. And what's with the HD-DVD ad on? Have they somehow skipped the nineties? Did they miss the 32X, the N64dd, the Dreamcast ZipDrive etc? It doesn´t work! As a gamedeveloper i can´t fucking program a game for an ad-on that not everybody has.

 The 360 HD-DVD ad-on.

The games.

This is the best part, great games all around in every console, 360 included. I was thinking about posting a list of games and links, but its not necessary, just go to IGN, Eurogamer or Gamespot and see for yourself.

Anyway, if the mighty Red Ranger had to pick one game from the show, it would definitly be Metal Gear Solid 4, if the last games are any indication, the MGS saga is one of the best out there. Kojima dude, you are the man!

 Metal Gear Solid 4

Red Ranger GO!


  17-May / The MEGA TEXTURES! OMG!

So, we've been away going about our business know, ranger stuff.  Here, laugh a little with us.

 The backlot of E3 before the show.

E3 was cool, lots of new and old stuff. You are basically bashed in every direction with new games, gadgets and what not. Sony and Nintendo took central stage in my opinion with their conferences, (metaphor time!) imagine PS3 on one end and the Wii on the other, the Xbox360 is somewhere in the middle. 

Now, on to the MEGA TEXTURING! OMG! etc.

I read the explanation, i think it makes some sense, but in the end i still haven´t seen results that proof this is a cool new technology. In my head i still imagine some poor guy having to cope with such a massive thing in a classic process of texture painting...

 The "classic" method...


My impressions on E3. RED RANGER OUT!...OMG!


05-May / E3 - 3days for it and counting...

     It's funny how people use counters for everything nowadays! anyway E3 is coming and I'm getting really thrilled about it, can't wait for it!

    It's gonna be a blast with all the news we've been "hearing" about for some time now...

      E3 countdown!

    Yellow goes watch some E3 trailers! ;)


04-May / Ugo Volt

  Ugo Volt trailer was released today by Move Interactive (portuguese developer).

  This trailer will be shown at E3 next week.

  It's more or less like this, for something that was made to compete with whatever other software houses are doing out there (for pc's and 360) it's gonna be hard to get something out of this, they caught my atention when I first saw their conceptual art, but after watching the trailer (it's a bunch of cut-scenes sew together! no gameplay at all) I've my doubts about it!

  Anyway, congrats to the team and good luck at E3. 

  Yellow futches! :D

 29-April / The best game peripheral of the last generation.

 The best game peripheral of the last / current generation (xbox fanboy / sony fanboy), was not the Dance Mat for "Dance Dance Revolution", it wasn´t the bongos for Donkey Konga and it is not the guitar for "Guitar Heroes".

By now you might be thinking "hummm, where is he going with this, im tired of reading", i say to you, you are lazy! Read on friend!

 The best game peripheral is, without a doubt this:

 The REZ vibrator! 

Who was the genious behind this idea? I bet it was Mizuguchi who's girlfriend probably was getting bored of being left out everytime he played is masterpiece - REZ. Kudos to you Mr. Japonese man who i admire a lot!

For those who don´t know what the REZ vibrator is (shame on you!), go here. 

Now all i have to do is get a girlfriend.

Red out!

Blue where are you?


27-April / It prints money!

 It's all about Wii!

 25-April... Revolution day! ;)

  Hurray for the portuguese "Revolution"!

 * Edit - Here goes the explanation: The Carnation Revolution (Portuguese, Revolução dos Cravos) was an almost bloodless, left-leaning, military-led revolution started on April 25, 1974, in Lisbon, Portugal, that effectively changed the Portuguese regime from an authoritarian dictatorship to a liberal democracy after a two-year process of a Left-wing semi-military administration. Although government forces killed four people before surrendering, the revolution was unusual in that the revolutionaries did not use direct violence to achieve their goals. The population, holding red carnations, convinced the regime soldiers not to resist. The soldiers readily swapped their bullets for flowers. It was the end of the Estado Novo, the longest authoritarian regime in Western Europe (but not the last to fall; Francisco Franco ruled Spain until 1975).


 23-April-2006 / Pirate Baby's Cabana Battle Street Fight 2006

 Paul Robertson's animation rocks

 Paul Robertson's Pirate Baby's Cabana Battle Street Fight 2006 is fucking awsome. It´s a video homage to several classic beat'em ups. You can easilly relate to Metal Slug or Final Fight. Top notch animation with music by Cornel Wilczek.

I could write a thousand words about this, but i am too lazy to do it now, so just watch it. 

You can get the video here, here or here.

Red out!

Yellow and Blue must be playing in the forest together.


17-April-2006 / Portable remakes

 Ultimate Ghosts'n'Goblins for the PSP

Ha... portable gaming, do you remember those gameboy ads when the guy playing never took is hands and eyes of the screen even when taking a leak? I never done that, mind you, but i must confess that one of the greatest achievements of the last century is to be able to take a dump and play tetris at the same time. I mean, i know people who have "brickmanias" (a tetris lookalike very popular some years ago here in Portugal) on the bathroom.

 PowerStoneCollection fo thePSP

 Now, in the old days you would play simple games, but with the coming of PSP and Nintendo DS things have change. Here you have machines with a lot of performance that are similar to other older consoles. One could claim that  the DS is a N64 with two screens and the PSP a smaller PS2... sort of. And if in the GBA you had Final Fantasy remakes and some remakes from SNES, here you have entire back catalogues from a lot of old machines. 

 Age of Empires for the Nintedo DS

I like the prospect of playing games that i might have missed but in a portable way. 

What i don´t like is being charged again for it. I played PowerStone in the Dreamcast, i would like to PLAY it again, not PAY it again. There are other ways to revitalize a game, like Ultimate Ghost´n´Goblins and Megaman Powered Up who take the original and reshape it in 3d and advance the gameplay in every direction possible.

With all the oldschool PS1 games running on an official PS1 emulator for the PSP announced by Sony, i hope the price stays oldschool too.

Meanwhile i have got to fix that damn wallplug in the WC.

Red splosh!



12-April-2006 / Stupidity


This is stupid.

This is also stupid.

Again, more stupidity.

Red out.

11-April-2006 / Money in games! ( part 1)

    Today... after reading 1up's feature "CALL GIRL", I started wondering (once more!) on the "money in games" subject...

    Last year I was caught by surprise when I realized that there was people making "big bucks" with ingame transactions, there was this guy that sold some kind of virtual space station for about $100.000! I mean, isn't that a little  too much for a freakin prop!? depends, right? but aren't we breaking some kind of a barrier here? I won't argue about the fact that probably the guy did a great deal, I mean, we're talking about a major building with lots of rooms and stuff - perfect for rent!... like in "real life" the guy did an investment and in no time he should be getting his income!

    We're talking about exchanging virtual money or services for real money, better, you won't need to pay taxes while doing it... but like everything, there's the dark side of it, it lasts as long as the game! Entropia Universe (is a direct continuation of Project Entropia, the game were this happened) seems like a good excuse for this kind of transactions, but can we assume it as a game? some players seem to tag it as an online RPG, the creators seem to have a different point of view " The Entropia Universe is not a game." so what is then? "The Entropia Universe is for real." hummm!?! get out of here!? sure there's "real people" playing it and there's also real cash flowing but that's not even close to real life, it's limited by the "virtual" concept and that's it! " Join the people before you and get a life in Entropia Universe!" - no thanks! I want to enjoy my life until the last sec... Don't get me wrong, I love games but I want it to be part of my life and not the other way around!

      2nd life - another bad excuse for "playing" something, it's only a virtual place (they call it a parallel universe!) where you can hang around... almost of the time by yourself! Once more, we're not talking about games, where's the fun? we should have fun playing games, right? Don't count on organizing some parties with your new friends and entering on some crazy quests! or exploring the virtual world in some way, forget about it! these kind of games are very status driven, now, if you want to make some"pennies" from nothing, there's your chance! GO FOR IT JOSÉ! There's an interesting future on this kind of applications and I don't think anyone knows exactly how this business will evolve, but for now, I still think it's easier to earn some cash in the real World! 

    Earning potential aside, there's always a risk associated with buying/owning virtual property IMO, also  there's a major difference between a gamer that plays a game just for the fun of it and someone else, that cracks his head in order to extract some cash out of it! (not talking about the starcraft pros ;) 

Yellow Ranger becomes the "Virtual Pink One!"


11-April-2006 / “Every generation needs a new revolution.” - Thomas Jefferson

    Yes, this a real shot showing how Sony plans to change gaming forever! While copying the Nintendo Revolution controller, Sony plans to add a larger number of buttons to open up new ways to interact with next generation games. Does this spell the end for the Revolution? Analysts believe Nintendo will up the ante by releasing a controller that changes color every day of the week and that randomly asks questions about your sex life so as to adjust the games you play to the sexual frustration you feel at the time. Such a controller is sure to generate massive sales in Japan and lead Nintendo to the position of market leader yet again. Meanwhile, Microsoft is expected to annouce a new version of the 360, featuring gyroscopic elements inside the console itself, allowing new games to detect how the player is holding the machine. This will not only open new oportunities in game design and innovation but also strike at a massive problem in Microsoft's home country: obesity. Once again, Microsoft is using focus groups to design the new console, using a hotdog stand in the middle of New York as a way to get feedback from as many future customers as possible.

 Will update as more news come in. Blue Ranger, live, from Juda's arse.

10-April-2006 / The franchise Powa!

 This picture is scary.

Every year several iterations of the same game are dumped in stores. EA usually releases the Fifa branded games for every platform available, and then capitalizes on the franchise and produces smaller games like "Fifa Street" or even based on diferent events like the world cup. 

 I´m ok with that, if the fans like to buy the same game every year, who am i to stop them. I mean, you could release updates or patches with the revised teams or updated graphics, but it is always easier to just release a new game with a 60€ price on them.

They could argue that, graphically, they usually update the game, improve gameplay etc. But, for example, with the Xbox version and its mighty 64 mbs of ram, how much more can you cram in there with each new version? What else can you improve on the freaking game if there is no more space? The Xbox had a harddrive, you could release over the internet more teams and new stuff for a fee instead, they charged every year the same amount of money for the same shit.

But enough of bashing the old games, let me bash the new ones.

Last year EA launched Fifa 2006 for the 360, it looked crap and played like it. Now we´ve got the world cup and, hey! another soccer game! its improved! its got prettier grass and you can see more detail! hurray! but look at the screenshot, it looks weird doens´t it? the players look like they are dumb, and i haven´t even seen them move. But everybody is already praising the "incredible looking graphics" whitout even having played the game. Why is this? 

I tell you what it is, this is mass marketing at its best. Everybody who is anybody in europe buys this. It´s the freaking official World cup game. Don´t get me wrong, i bet the guys at EA improved a lot on the last rushed out to the launch Fifa game but seriously, when we have reached photorealistic players on photorealistic stadiums will we still be charged every year 60€ for a new game featuring the same old mechanics of 22 players running around after a ball? Will we? In the 360 world of microtransactions? Hun?

 I bet we will. Red out!


 08-April-2006 / Kingdom Hearts 2

       Kingdom Hearts 2 is one of those games where you can feel the dedication of the developers. Every little thing, from the music to the menus, was made with an amount of attention and care that few other games even come close to having. The critics seem to like it as much as i do, and i'm sure that it will sell well worldwide, but how much does the normal gamer care for the work that has gone into it?         Games like Need for Speed and The Godfather rule the charts, and for me that shows that the industry is in a MTV state, were flash and fashion dominate substance and quality. I'll be generous and give you a piece of advice, get a PS2 and play some of the games that defined this generation, games like ICO, Shadow of the Colossus, God of War, Resident Evil 4 or Kingdom Hearts 2. At least one of them will surely show you what it means to love game development, and what that love does to a game. 


Blue Ranger, out to help King Mickey! 


 08-April-2006 / Oh! it´s an FPS? Is it?


 I still remember one of the last times we showed a prototype of our game to a publisher. The first question was - "is it an fps?". I was confused. I didn´t know the exact answer because you could actually change the camera to 3rd person, so it didn´t make sense.

The games industry is racist. It doesn´t understand itself. I see people all the time in foruns going - "i only play RPGs, wooot!" - "i don´t like FPSs... bitchinn!" - and so on. People divide their tastes based on this so called "genres" that the industry gladly labels.  

Where are the "Dramas"? the "Actions"? the "Comedys"?. You don´t buy a "Race'm up" do you? 

 The Jak and Daxter series seem to have shaken away the old "platformer" type of game associated with jumping from platform to platform.

Games are changing, they are becoming more complex and more mature, but the old labels are still associated. Some developers are changing this with games that are just pure fun and action, comedy, etc. while others insist.

In the meantime Americans are making matters worse.

 The point of the game we presented wasn´t the way you displayed the 3d, it was the real world conflict it depicted. Everybody praises the graphics, nobody wantes to publish it. 

We are still trying.

07-April-2006 / SEGA's 90's Per/adverts!!!

    Just found this, if someone had told me I wouldn't believe! well... maybe :p 

  (...)"go with the flow, but don't you eat that yellow snow". hummm... were this came from? it's not some weird eskimo advice for sure! Expressions like these were part of a series of adverts that ran in "Viz" (a 90's comic book for grown up students!)... They no longer "make" adverts like in the old days! Anyway here it is - SEGA's Per/Adverts! 

Yellow snow RULES! YEAH!...


07-April-2006 / Pong 2


  Pong is one of the oldest games around, its like table tennis, but  simplified. So someone made a sequel for 360 and applied "normal mapping" to the white parallelograms.

This is the cool result. 


06-April-2006 / MicroLion HeadSoft!


    At the beginning everyone was Black or White, this wasn't a Fable at all! Everyone was making Movies about it, "DOWNSIZE STUDIO" was a major box-office success! but then came the rumours - was Microsoft closing the circle around the Lion!? Molyneux denied everything, letting us think it was (once again!) one of those rumours! Guess what? IT WASN'T! Lionhead has become the latest addition to the Microsoft Game Studios group.

    Microsoft keeps on "swallowing" studios, it's not something RARE, we already saw it before and seems like they'll keep on doing it... Money rules! and what about "the cause"!? don't think there's much people doing it for the cause nowadays!

Yellow Ranger back to the forest...


06-April-2006 / ZEGAPAIN!!!


  Well, a XBox 360 event in Japan. Expected result: lots of japanese journalists snoring and the general public going "XBox? What the fuck is that?"... Yep, in case you don't know already, the xbox 360 is selling less than nothing in japan and seems it will stay that way. It's kind of funny when one of the big announcements is a Square Enix/Game Arts game, and it turns out to be a shooter. Let's face it, companies like SquareEnix spend LOTS of money in their big IPs (stuff like Dragon Quest or Final Fantasy) and they expect them to sell millions in their home market. Without a significant user base established, they will never do an exclusive high profile game, and without some exclusive high profile games, japanese gamer's won't buy a 360. Result, the chances of the XBox 360 becoming the dominant platform in japan (or even number two...) are slim to none. In case you're wondering, zegapain is a new anime that's coming out in japan. In the conference they showed a zegapain game exlusive for the 360. Looks like a poor man's ZOE clone and reeks of generic giant robot anime. Will it sell consoles in japan? Who knows... 

 Blue Ranger over and out!


06-April- 2006 / PS3 Cost 


They say the PS3 will be expensive.

  People are upset about this and i don´t get it. Let´s think about it for a minute (or more, it depends). You have got the sucessor of the world most famous console with a BluRay player, a harddrive, lots of horsepower and a multitude of holes for endless possibilities (no sexual pun intended).

It´s like being a painter and paying a little more for a bigger, better canvas. There is no way you can go wrong with this analogy.

The other consoles are cheaper, great games will be made for all of them, but only one will offer the bigger and better canvas for game developers, and i definitly want to be there when those games come out. 

Red Ranger go! 


05-April- 2006 / First Post


  Hello, this is the first post! Hurray! 

This is the home page for the "meninos do 3º andar". 

The Games!