Meng Wu

I am a 3rd year Ph.D. student at CESCA, Virginia Tech, advised by Prof. Chao Wang since 2014 Fall.
Currently I am doing some research on Program Synthesis and Formal Verification


334 Whittemore Hall, 1185 Perry Street, Blacksburg, VA 24060


[FSE 17] Shengjian Guo, Meng Wu, Chao Wang, "Symbolic Execution of Programmable Logic Controller Code"
[DAC 17] Meng Wu, Haibo Zeng, Chao Wang and Huafeng Yu, “Safety Guard: Runtime enforcement for safety-critical cyber-physical systems” 
[NFM 16Meng Wu, Haibo Zeng, Chao Wang, “Synthesizing Runtime Enforcer of Safety Specification under Burst Error” [PDF]
[CAV 16] Hassan Eldib, Meng Wu, Chao Wang, “Synthesis of Fault-Attack Countermeasures for Cryptographic Circuits” [PDF]


  • 2014-present     Ph.D. in Computer Engineering, Virginia Tech
  • 2008-2012         B.S. in Electric Power Engineering and Automation, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Research Experience

  • 2017-Present      Visiting Scholar at Department of Computer Science, University of Southern California
  • 2015-Present      Research Assistant at RSS lab, CESCA,Virginia Tech
  • 2011-2012          Research Assistant at SJTU-Freescale Joint Laboratory,Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Work Experience

  • 2016.5-2016.8     Research Intern at Software Analytics Group, Microsoft Research Asia, Beijing
  • 2014.8-2014.12   Teaching Assistant at Open Electronics Lab,Virginia Tech
  • 2012.9-2014.6     Firmware Engineer at R&D Department ,Envision Energy Limited, Shanghai
  • 2011.7-2012.5     Teaching Assistant for Laboratory Experiment of Motor Control ,Shanghai Jiao Tong University


Running, Traveling