Mengdi Xu

I am a 2nd year P.h.D. student majored in Robotics supervised by Prof. Gregory Chirikjian. I am a member in Robot and Protein Kinematics Lab, Johns Hopkins University. My interests lie in robotics, human-robot interaction, machine learning and bio-inspired design. I got my bachelor degree in Vehicle Engineering in Tsinghua University.

Outside the lab, I love being with my friends for a common goal, for instance, running a marathon. This makes feel exciting and full of energy. I love movies, novels, fashion, and playing ukulele . Those hobbies are another vital part besides research in my daily life.



Xu, Mengdi, and Gregory S. Chirikjian. Recovering a Rotation Matrix From Three Direction Cosines. ASME 2018 International Design Engineering Technical Conferences and Computers and Information in Engineering Conference. American Society of Mechanical Engineers, 2018.

Zhao, Jieliang, Xu, Mengdi (first two authors contribute equally), Liang, Y., Yan, S., & Niu, W. (2018). Influence of hydrodynamic pressure and vein strength on the super-elasticity of honeybee wings. Journal of insect physiology, 109, 100-106.

  • Separating System Design to Automate Mosquito Salivary Gland Extraction for Malaria Vaccine

We collaborate with Prof. Russell Taylor and Prof. Iulian Iordachita for developing the Mosquito Salivary Gland Extraction system. We designed a mosquito separating system with fan-generated water vortex, which is the first stage process of getting separate the orientation restricted mosquitoes.

  • A Weights Calibration Method for Participants in a Driving System based on Drivers' Perception

This is my bachelor thesis advised by Prof Jianqiang Wang. We proposed a novel risk level calibration method of participants in a driving system based on experienced drivers' risk perceptions represented by bio-signals and active risk reactions. The paper for it is under manuscript.

  • Action Recognition based on Curvatures of Video and Skeleton

We defined the curvature of skeleton and video based on the curve theory. This is an ongoing project.


  • Snake on Wheel robot in Biorobotics Lab, Robotics Institute, CMU

This project aims to design a high-speed snake robot based on SEA-Robot for tube detecting, space vehicle and medical devices. More details here.

Course Project:

  • Autonomous Quality Inspection System

Achieved a simulated industrial quality inspection system built on ROS consisting of three stages: human inspection, EduMiP transition and UR5 classification. (Link)

  • UR5 Maze Solver

Built a UR5 Maze Solver based on ROS and MATLAB, subtasks of which including calibrating maze board, recognizing maze, path planning using A* algorithm and controlling the UR5 to draw the path. (Link)

About Me: