Self-indulgence does not begin to describe the behavior of politicians in America today. We are informed through the offices of the Fifth Estate that whatever hubris an elected official is absorbed with constitues the "Main Stream" of American politics. Currently Centrism receives wide circulation as embodying the correct heading in that stream.

    In theory politics is the science of social organisation. Politicians are hired through the election process to organize social priorities. Various metrics including polls and legal precedent are analyzed to gain feedback. Ideally this feedback is used for throughput. Theory and practice differ structuraly in many ways.

    In practice politics is the art of coning the voteing public into supporting a politcians flight for (re)election also known as running. Centrism is the new queen of hearts in election three card molly. The would be huckster offers to cheat the voting pidgin through a promis of (mis)representation. Arnold Schwarzenegger pretended to know how to manage California's bureaucracy long enough to jackrole his constituents. The Bush administration pretended to get elected with more conviction than Gal Bore had about winning.


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