Ku Klux Kuntz run rampent 

Well hiden in Amerikkkan feminazition 

White wall tires role past white washed walls

White paint covers black smoking bullet holes 

and red running blood bullet points

The ways and means of crips and bloods

miscegination 1992

I am me black is still blues worn out shoes a dirty face and a balled up fist. 

Fifth of filth wraped in riped off names of pissed off reds getting pissed on.

miscegination 1992


Black is as black does

white is as seen on T.V.

miscegination 1996 

When at last we sighted land 

Took I this pen ahand

Upon vellum satin shore

Look afield the main anew

Lost my comrades to the deep 

Boilling sea our Captain slew

No stone pon the rolling blue

To mark the end of those

             I knew.
Chazz 1999


              Night flower 

Softly, softly through desert dark.

Cool not yet luminous earth and sky.

Bridge the gulf of pooling night.

Twixt rooted flor and little bird.


Swiftly and view by failing moon.

Ere yellow heat shrouds in dun.

Sandy angel naked of dew.

Dancing gale in the three.


Never revealed never betrayed.

Sparrow of twilight sings neath pine.

Nary divulging trace of thought.

Dream away heat under a bough.

chazz  2005



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