Parochial Art


    As the Las Vegas centenial approaches, and thinking about the proximity to the new millennium I have decided to take up the task of creating a style of art unique to southern Nevada. We are blessed curently with a Mayor not openly hostile toward Artists, rather the reverse. The city does have a style of it's own and I feel compeled to help identify and expand upon it as an Artist.

    The first element that I would like to discuss  is newness. Everything and everyone in this town is absolutely brand new! Not just in a chronological sense but in fundamental ways. The Parochial Artist should strive to capture not an abstraction of freshness which is fungible, rather a curious species applicable to this cities unique flavor. 

    How can the ephemeral aspects of Vegas culture be concretized? Should they be? Would it be more efective to depict ephemera symbolically?

     Las Vegas is the pinnacle of western civilization in that we are a bannana republic without any bannanas. A single industry economy based not on production, but on people getting in planes, trains , or automobiles from all over the world, throwing their money into the streets by the bushel basket, then going home with nothing but fond memories. How many industries thrive in the absence of a tangible product? The fact that the fastest growing region in the nation is built on vaporware is remarkable.

    How can this insubstantiality be incorporated into the body of an artists work? What would a sculptor do with stone or wood to capture a mist? Will painters be able to abstract an underpining for a Vegas Style?  

    These questions I hope will engage others to reflect on the parochial nature of Las Vegas, then add meaningful comment in an ongoing artistic dialogue.

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